cr.MK into hadoken

I’m using Ken, and I’ve come across a roadblock. If I do cr.MK cancelled into hadoken immediately after walking forward, I’ll instead get cr.MK into shoryuken. This is because it reads the input as F, D, DF, F. This makes it a lot less useful in footsies if I can’t use it after taking a step forward. What do I do to prevent this from happening, if I can?

walk forward, cr.MK cancel into half circle forward+punch

Go to neutral after you walk forward. The common problem is that you walk forward, and then drag the stick along the gate to down, and then hadoken motion, which will produce an uppercut. Best way to avoid this is to return to neutral before doing down,, into fireball.

I do my cr.MK as a downback + MK. Then I flow into Hadouken. Works perfectly for me