into hhs

I see most people sliding the hhs after inputting the mk. I personally dont like the slide technique because i don’t feel it is as consitant as pianoing, so i figured id share how i do it. If you already know how to piano hhs than it is very easy. I place my pointer finger on an angle so it is hitting the mk and lp at the same time, than continue the input from lp. so it would be + cr. lp to fierce punch, strong punch, light punch, fierce punch. The mk will come out since it overprioritizes the lp and you get two inputs for one. Im not sure how many others use this technique but i just found it naturally and find its aloooottttt more consitant than sliding. i may make a vid about it if anyone wants further info.

When you piano do:
LP - MP - HP - LP - HP


LP - HP - MP - LP - HP

either way, you sneak in LP with the MK.

ya thats exactly what im saying. ive never seen anyone else do this, but thxs for making it more understandable. Is this what you normally do?

I do that as well. It’s the only way I know how to do cr. MK - HHS and it comes out pretty consistent too since it’s like the same piano method I’ve gotten used to with slight adjustments.

yep, just position your thumb to hit mk, while ur index hits jab.

ya thumb would be cool to. i usually just see using your middle finger to hit mk then piano but as a seperate button input. i just think its more effective to mask it with the lp

Whatever works best for you, in my opinion it would be faster to move my thumb then my middle finger.

I slightly turn my hand so that the base of my index hits mk and I just piano like normal lol.

For doing this on pad one setup is (xbox 360 pad) :

Y = Hp
X = Lp
A = Mp
B = Mk

All u do is roll your thumb in a semi circular motion from B, my inputs are MK-HP-LP-MP-LP-HP or B-Y-X-A-X-Y
It’s kind of odd since i always assumed i was doing MK-LP-HP-MP-LP, but after checking it in training mode i dont get that at all.

I’m pretty much 100% consistent with this.

The window to get hands input is huge after I do ~ hp, mp, hp, mp, hp(ring and index). Works every time and if i’m doing ex hands i’ll just hit mp and hp together on last hit. I don’t anyone who does it like this but it works well for me. Regular snk piano for lp though. I’ve also done ~ piano hp/mp/lp, hp, hp before, only problem was I tend to only get one hp out or the 2nd hp doesn’t come out fast enough but it wasn’t really difficult.