on wakeup



It seems that starts ducking under attacks from frame one since it can be used to duck under safejumps both on crossup and otherwise.
I haven’t had the chance to test this out much since I just figured that out, but someone else might already know about this and can fill us in a bit more.

It’s without a doubt a useful tool, though it’s hard to get the timing down on wakeup since it’s a 1f window of doing it if they timed their safejump correctly.
Actually, 2f window if you input it mk~+lk, but it’s still pretty tight.
If they time their safejump wrong the will punish their jump in instead, which I thought was pretty neat since that gives you some extra reward for doing it.

At the very least it should make Chun less vunerable against jumpins on wakeup than she is now if used correctly, and she definitley needs it.


interesting… most applicable use would probably be against safejumpin crossups… but then again no… not really cause it would wiff and they would be able to hit chun with a weak attack and combo from there… yeah thats why i stopped using it in that fashion a long time ago…

against regular safe jumps… man that might take some balls… most safe jumps are timed to hit low and doesnt make THAT MANY jumpins wiff…

hmm… still interesting though. i’ll let you test this out though getting smacked in the face isnt something i like =)



wow, if it’s true that chun lowers her hitbox on frame 1, no wonder i love it so much. cr. mk also recovers super fast.

i noticed another chun would use it to dodge my instant OH on wake-up but I never thought twice about it.

i’m gonna test it right now.

edit: bah, i’m getting counterhit by ryu’s safe jump. it’s probably good for something though.


This, I eat that all the time testing out, so I stopped using it for the most part


yah, i already knew his jump in fierce beats cr. mk when it’s spaced correctly…

i tried the safe jump from sweep with a meaty jump high kick this time and i was still being counter-hit. i know cr. mk beats that no matter how deep ryu does it, so chun can’t be tech crouching on frame 1.


You just have to learn what characters you can do it against and what characters you can’t.
If you can’t under it you always have focus > backdash to get away from crossover pressure, so just adapt accordingly.
I tried it against dictator and as safejumps and it went under, the only explanation I have that it doesn’t go under Ryu’s is this:

  • doesn’t have a set crouch hitbox, it has 5 startup frames, at frame 1 it starts ducking and between 1 and 5 it progressivley ducks even lower than it does intially.

I think that explanation would clear up why it works against some but not others.


yeah thats a good hypothesis…

but as far as ryus jumpins the only one that chun can duck under consistently that i know of is his, and even if the ryu were to use this, its nnot like he would make that mistake twice in a row… theres no reason to jumpin with a safejump mk instead of his roundhouse…

same thing goes for bison imho… why would he jump in with hk or mk when hp will beat out and any other normal that chun would throw out?



Perhaps if he wants stuff Ex SBK, no ?

Anyway look the replay on xbox live between “the0newb” (chun li) and damdai (ryu). This chun li use cr mk versus jump in of ryu. And one on wake up.

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