xx srk in place of desired xx hadoken?

I have read a few threads on this issue and haven’t found an answer that pleases me. Some say that you should lag your input to make it forget that you’ve pressed forward, others say you should do a half circle for the input, and some say you should start at down-back. Starting at down-back or half-circle don’t work for me, I still activate srk sometimes. lagging my input by means of letting the stick return to neutral (completely letting go of the stick as well) still activates srk sometimes. Of course I could do these motions slower to ensure srk doesn’t come out, but I can’t afford to lose the 1 or 2 frames that takes from me. I don’t have time to pause for that long when scooting in for a poke. No matter how many times I do it successfully I notice the slightest pause before I I wouldn’t see this as such a big deal if I weren’t losing a lot of my games from the awful punishes this invites.

Does anybody know the particular method pros use to do this successfully and lightning fast?

I really wish they would have made it to where srk can only cancel off a at down-forward.

On a side note…Is USF4 on it’s deathbed? I think I’ve been the only active thread poster here for a while…and I mean, come on, it’s Is there a more active community elsewhere? I guess this explains why I’ve already met 75% of the people I play against on xbox.

No, there is no method to remove the forward input so a hadoken comes out instead. You have to allow enough time so the game drops the forward input and you get a hadoken. USF4 is on its deathbed because SF5 is coming out soon but there are more people playing USF4 right now than ever thanks to Capcom Cup. Fighting games don’t have as many players as other games so there are fewer people to reply to your threads.

just need to clean up your inputs. practice it in the lab.