on hakan



i just fired up training mode to practice my one frame links, but for some reason every time i tried to hit it wouldn’t work, and instead i got s.hp (far hp). I tried other one frame links to see if I had just lost my mojo because this is the link I hit most consistently. cr.lp-mp and all worked fine. I didn’t try cr.lp-cl.hp though. I chose hakan by mistake, so I switched it back to evil ryu and I hit the link 4 times in a row, so does it not work on hakan. I highly doubt that it was me because it can hit this link just fine on shotos. Also, for some reason tatsu whiffs on decapre after a, or i’m just messing that one up too.


Works after a jump in fine. thinks is some weird spacing issue, hakan gets pushed back


Yea. Neither of those combos work. Replace with c.lp or in the combo vs. decapre and it will work fine.


Dont think links into scl.f