Cr. mp. xx ad cancel into combo

how is it done, is there some type of unfly rule…i tried everything.i can do everything but this setup

I think youre talking about the little satellite thingy, right?
It is possible, you know Magneto’s hk cancel? Its the same properties…
When you perform a move, quickly sj., thats it.
But, with Tron, you should try this:, sj., addf+lk (manage the positioning of her while addf). I think the lk will connect coming down.

Along thoes lines but it the ball and chain…it lifts you up…

Yeah, it lifts up, and you can cancel into super after that. Ive tried that recently with her, and I cant get her to cancel to sj. The satellite though, ironically, IS EASIER TO DO!!! WOW!!! I dont understand how the satelite is faster than a somewhat launching ball and chain. I may be timing it wrong, cause that doesnt make sense if its easier to do it that way than the other.

i see the cpu do it all the time…and the cpu also does storms sj. cancel>>>its crazy…

Talk about crazy, Rogue is on heroine!!! Its all possible though, you just have to practice a lot. When the chain launches, you have to immediately cancel into sj. In fact, I think you have to do it before the chain even finishes.

wow cancel before the move even finishes…can you say “programmable pad”>>>ill try this on a default pad


nah… this is mahvel… you can cancel shit before it even starts… after its done… during… doesn’t matter most of time… just about timing the cancel the way you want it…

ha yeah, doom can cancel his cr.RH before it even animates