Crack shoot mystery solved?

The crackshoot is safe on block or hit BUT

i think that the reason why you CAN be punished is because if you do it close enough you might hit with the anti air animation his leg pointed upward

that is VERY punishable, and oddly enough the awnser is to use the stronger versions of the moves!

the roundhouse version especially will almost never hit a standing opponent (maybe chang) with the anti air animation of the move!

however AVOID using the crackshoot against c groove if they chicken block it you die.

hope i’m right

edit: Lk version is still useful but u have to be careful i’m pretty sure this is why i couldn’t punish it in training mode even with reversal level 3’s and yet i sometimes get punished while using it. When a opponent is standing it’s much more likely to backfire on you.

Guile’s level 3 isn’t the fastest move in the game. The long time freezing you get for all level 3’s during (or before?) the screen flash is what makes the move seem so fast. In reality, there are still more than a few frames of startup for the move to come out (even when you get reversal).

I use Sagat d.MK or Sakura far s.LK (four and three frame startup respectively) as my general purpose tests to see whether moves are safe or not.

I’ve been doing this forever. So much spam about the move being so punishable. All you need to do is space it right, justm like any other non-sagat attack in CvS2. Power Wave > Crack Shoot is a nice little zoning technique. After they realise how you’re using it to zone they’ll try to roll/jump over/aa, and you can react accordingly instead of doing the crack shoot. Terry is a magnificent zoning character, if only he had ways tyo do real damage outside of super. Ohh well, that didn’t seem to stop Sakura :P.

HEY! Guys how are you guys doing I’m wondering how the hell would you guys zone a character like Blanka who has so much priority over Terry, I use to beat Blankas d.fierce but, his fierce sweep just beats my Terry, I’ll use to beat it but only works sometimes if you’re in the right distance. Another move Blanka has that I have a hard time beating is his Jump.RH what do I do against that??? :confused:

Oh, figured out the Crack Shoot mystery btw… If the opponent blocks the Crack Shoot standing, Terry is going to get punished for free by almost anything in the game. If the opponent blocks it crouching however, Terry is safe.

Close s.HP xx qcb+LK (opponent blocks standing) --> at least -8

Close s.HP xx qcb+LK (opponent blocks crouching) --> safe, even on frames probably

are you sure about that?

i’m pretty sure it’s just that terry hits the opponent before the animation is complete and the frame data is based around how much advantage he gets assuming he completely finished his animation.

To see what i’m talking do alk crack shoot right next to the opponent he should hit thim with his anti air animation.

maybe your right on yours but i also think it’s a possibility that terry just hits them too early and that’s why he can be punished… maybe not as early as the anti air animation but still maybe before he goes into his completed animation

We’re talking about the exact same thing. You get hit by the Crack Shoot earlier if you’re standing (the “anti-air” animation). If you’re crouching, it hits you late so you can’t hit Terry back. It’s nothing to get technical over. What I’m really curious about (so I can apply it consistently in a real match), is how the frame data works on Sakura’s dive kick. People I’ve played swear they can’t block my fast attack after blocking their dive kick at times. Other times I get hit my Sakura’s counter hit fierce.

Play some BW? “kcxj” on AIM.

Hey! kcxj how would you Daze Blanka with Terry?? :confused:

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You’re all idiots. Crack shoot is safe. It’s an obviously safe move. Fuck, I didn’t even know Terry’s moves when I started playing CVS1, and I still realized it’s a safe move to throw out within the first 10 seconds of using it. You guys need frames to back up the fucking obvious? For Christ’s sake…


WELL! excuse use for being stupid! NOT! :badboy: HEY MAN! crackshoot isn’t safe all the time only on stupid opponents otherwise you can just block the crackshoot then just super right after you :lame:

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Although the startup isn’t instantly off the ground, far s.HK goes over low attacks so use that move a lot to go over Blanka’s slide. Abuse your Terry d.MP and d.HP. d.MP is probably Terry’s best move out of everything he has. You can trip Blanka with d.HK after he whiffs his d.HP. Your trip and d.MK will counter Blanka’s far s.MP. Are there any Terry “strategy and tactics” threads? For more in-depth info, check those or make one yourself if there aren’t any yet.

Dude! thanks ! Kcxj I’ll try this, the reason I asked for help on blanka is because I always play with some guy- ComboFiend- Yeah! his blanka is crazy I always get close to beat him but his blanka always comes through for him in then end although I’ll add this to my terry.
Know do you think meaty s.hp let the second hit from the fierce hit, then powerdunk, to anticipate an attack is good agains’t blanka!?

YOO! you guys want to beat blanka maybe this can help!

This is new for me but this might work perfectly on blanka if you are having a hard time beating him- first start of with any type of knockdown when they recover from the knockdown combo them with fierce+fierce+Rhcrackshot,then if the crackshot hits you should be able to squeeze in a {note}this only works if fierce+fierce+Rhcrackshot hits to begin with usually does the way you find out it doesn’t work is if they hit you out of the Rhcrackshot. :hitit: :woot: anyhow if you people have any questions about this just reply! :rock: