Cracked ball tops


ive cracked 4 balltops… 2 seimitsu blue bubble tops and 1 dark blue clear sanwa ball top and 1 smoke clear sanwa… the blue ones were on my chun li stick and the smoke one was on my SCV stick… how do i prevent the balltop from cracking at the base?


I haven’t even seen a cracked balltop much less done it… I would think something else would give before that would happen!

Are you hitting the stick or really wrenching on them?


How the?

Wtf are you doing to your stick? Protip: stop hitting it with a hammer.


This is the first I heard of this. Ball tops cracking at the Base?, you mean where the shaft is threaded into place? WTF?!

It took me hitting a ball top with a 10 pound hammer to make a crack in the thing.

For your ball tops to crack, Seimtsu and Sanwa, you must be treating your sticks very roughly or you play very, very hella hard on them.
Clears, bubble and transparent tops crack easier that opaque (not see though tops) as transparent or clear plastic is more brittle. And I can imagine Custom ball tops like Sugar Kake or Buterro makes will crack like clears will (not that I tried to crack a custom ball top, screw that they cost me too much).

Your options
[]Continue to replace your ball tops, and have them break on you (and suck it up)
]Stop being rough with your stick as if it was a cheap dirty crack whore
[*]Consider switching to aluminum ball or bat tops.


I wanna see pics of these ball tops before I buy this story.


Stop putting vice grips on your ball tops. Problem solved.


I believe it only because I seen worst.

I talking about someone breaking a solid 1 piece titanium tool into 2 pieces, in a clean break.
A M1A1 Abrams tank with it’s cannon barrel having a 45 degree bent in the barrel. Every expert that went to look at this thing said it should not be possible.
And I knew someone who some how cracked a diamond.



the one of the left isnt cracked that bad but the one on the right is hella cracked…


the other 2 are still on my sticks…


Well, dang!


I’ve seen this happen actually. It happens a lot when you have your stick in your backpack and it just hits things without you noticing it. Minute cracks come out of repeated hits.


If you’re carrying it around in a backpack you may want to invest in that jlf link disconnect thing


i had the link but i didnt like it… i might just invest in some arcade stick bags…


I use the mad catz messenger. Works well, but would love padding on the arm strap. Vs stick is heavy lol


I have a cracked ball top too thanks to airport luggage handlers after coming home from EVO.


Bubble/clear balltops tend to crack but solid colour balltops will never crack. I have found some bubble tops to crack like the above when I spray them with a clear plastic primer which makes the surface turn really cold. I think it might be to do with sudden temperature changes.

Edit: I also noted that if the balltops are dropped onto hard surfaces it tens to crack aswell. Again this only happens on the bubbletops. The solid balltops in that sense are almost indestructible.


You could do what jimmyshoegazer did in one of his videos.

He basically got one of those rectangular foam pads that comes with every madcatz sticks and cut it out into a cylinder with a hole in it. He then placed that on the balltop+its shaft. and crisco, a neat budget protection solution.


I’ve had a clear balltop crack on my eightarc stick a few weeks after I bought it and today had the threading come out of another clear balltop. I know some other people who’ve had issues with the clear balltops as well. I think they’re just not as durable as the solid.


I have the same problème with Sanwar Clear balltop ,i post some pictures here :