Crackfiend's Coaching Session and Stream for AE:2012


Hey guys, some of you guys know me and some of you probably don’t. For those who already know me though, you guys already know that I’ve been trying to bring out new content into the FGC. I’ve finally got the equipment to do it so now I’m offering to coach players and help with player development. I’m going to do sessions at my place with full analysis/player breakdowns on things such as:

[]Fundamental Defensive Abilities
]Changing Levels (Pace and Offensive/Defensive Output Ratio)
[]Player Style Development (Execution-Heavy/Mix-Ups, Offensive Pocket Player, Offensive Zoning, Defensive Zoning, etc.)
]And much more…
The format of the training will not include me participating in many matches. In fact, that would be very counter-productive if I were to get too involved as a player. I’m going to pair up players of similar skill levels against each other for 1-2 hours while helping with player awareness and adaptation strategies.

If you’re interested in being a part of this new project, let me know through here or on Facebook. If I don’t know you, I need you to show up to TNT so I can become acquainted with you and not feel like I’m letting some crazy bastard into my house. Other than that, I just need a list of players who are interested and we are good to go! - This is where most of the updates will happen. I’ll have this channel available for any newcomers who are interested in learning or refining their game.


I support this.


Great idea! I wish there was something I could do to help, but I’m way out here in Fresno.


Watch and let people know when I stream. I’m going to go through some specific training strategies for certain players and stuff, so if you have ideas, feel free to get at me and I’ll try to implement them and see what kind of results I get.

You don’t have to be there to help, but the thought is very much appreciated :slight_smile:


Just curious, you have the whole saving the archives down now, right?


anthony… u KNOW im down. just let me know where and when and ill come thru whenever u hold something bro


I have to do it manually, but I think it’s all being saved.


Hit me up with your diggies, or add me on FB and we’ll exchange info on there.


Yeah if I wasnt 2 hours out I would be down too ><


2 hr drive well worth it for this session!


Could you do it online if the connection wasnt bad? I got 12down and 3 up


This is such a great idea! I am currently talking to strong players in the Sacramento area to help out with sessions or “workshops” to help people level up.


It’s possible to do it online. I’m not planning on playing people (for the most part) so it might work. The goal is to match up players of similar skill levels against each other, and the coach/trainer/whatever will step in every few games to show 1P or 2P certain character tactics/mechanics to beat the other person. When the matches become one-sided, or more even, etc. the coach would step in again to teach the other player tactics to beat the previous lesson.

I’m writing down the training program and regimen into a google doc right now. In the future, HOPEFULLY I can get people involved more on the coaching end, but that’s a somewhere later down the line.

@nin-jay If any of your guys are curious about coaching strategies, tell them to feel free and hit me up. Long term goal for me is to bring back the NorCal unity that we had a few years ago. It’s not there anymore and it’s frustrating to see.


I agree. Thanks for your help!


Here’s an update I’m going to put on the first post:

The FB page is where I’d like everything to be consolidated. However, I’m going to continue posting stuff on SRK and other social channels for any newcomers who are looking to step into the scene.


Super big shoutouts to everyone who rolled thru tonight. Part of loving to teach/coach is when you guys love to learn. I hope this really takes off for all of you guys.


CRACKFIENDS CRACKHOUSE??? u better watch out who u add as a friend son! some confused ass motherfuckers tryna hit u up for some ROCKS lol


I’m down for this. I have Tuesdays off as of late so I’d be willing to train as well learn and improve on my fundamentals and overall gameplay.


Im down for this too :slight_smile:


I want to go to one of these but traveling is limited for me :frowning: ill definitely go whenever i get the chance.

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