CrackSession @ GamePAD - Brooklyn, NY - 09/09/10

So there is a session going down at GamePAD inc. Its being set-up by myself and Ben Fong. Here are all the details.

How Much? 5 bucks to play the whole day

What: Session
4 Xbox 360’s Running SSF4
We don’t have sticks, so you guys need to bring your own!!!

Thursday, September 9th
4:30PM - 12:00 Midnight

Where: GamePad Inc
6727 Bay Pkwy
Brooklyn, NY
Take the N train to Bay Pkwy. Store is just 1 block up from the train station


no one plays that

fuck all that shit its all about SSF4.

Um… I might be at that CTF tourny. Maybe I’ll stop here for an hour to get some casuals, then make my way to CTF later.

Freebasing. I’ll be here.

7+ hours of free casuals for just 5 bucks?


Session is tomorrow. Starts at 4:30. Come through everyone.

I’m not sure which one ima be going to but if my friends wanna come im definitely going to this

Get bodied kids.