Craig Marduk - Crushing people to dust, Combo thread



Hey guys, thought I’d make a combo thread for Craig Marduk, just had to pick him for obvious reasons :wink:

I will cover some BnB’s, Tag Combo’s and Command throw set ups.


Damage - 299 or 274, Meterless
jump.:mk:, cr.:lp:, cr.:lp:, cr.:mp:, :hcb::hk: + :p: (274) or + :k: (299)

Damage - 426, Meterless (440 with EX)
jump.:hp:, jump.:hk:, :hk:, :dp:.:hp:

(Overhead punish, Damage - 276 or 241)
:p::p:, cr.:lp:, :hcb:.:hk: + :p: (241) or + :k: (276)

Damage - 324, One Meter, Anywhere
jump :mk:, cr.:lp:, cr.:lp:, cr.:lk:, cr.:mp:, cr.:hp:, :dp::p::p:

Damage - 348, One meter, Anywhere
jump.:mk:, cr.:lp:, cr.:lp:, cr.:lk:, :mp:, :hp:, :hcb:.:k::k: [wall bounce] :lk:, :dp::hp:

Damage - 377, One Meter, Anywhere
jump.:mk:, cr.:lp:, cr.:lp:, cr.:mp:, :hcb:.:k::k: [wall bounce] :lk:, :dp:.:hp:

Damage - 447, One meter, Anywhere
jump.:mk:, cr.:mk:, :hk:, :hcb:+:k::k: [wall bounce] cr.:mp:, :hp:, :f: :hp:>:hp:, :dp:.:hp:

Damage - 431, Two meters. (Super Art), Anywhere
jump.:mk:, cr.:lp:, cr.:lp:, cr.:lk:, :mp:, :hp:, Super Art

(Anti-Air that requires Juri) Damage - 534, One meter
cr.:hp:, JC, jump:hp:, :hp:, :qcf::hp: (store), Tag, (release), jump.:hk:, :hp:, :dp::hp:


For these, I will calculate damage from doing a raw Cross Rush ( :hp:+:hk: ).

Marduk doesn’t have many options coming in and almost all of the time, your Cross Rush combo will end in a Heavy Gator Smash, Marduk cannot combo into his Super Art from a cross rush.

Damage - 383 (395 if EX is used)
:mp:, :mp:, cr.:mp:, :dp::hp:

The Above combo is only best after doing a RAW LAUNCHER.

IMPORTANT: When tagging into Marduk from a character who has done a basic launcher combo, and NOT a raw launcher your best option is;

:mp:, cr.:mp:, :dp::hp:

This is because doing three reps of medium punches actually does LESS damage than doing two reps after a longer combo. True Story.


For most set-ups, :lk: is key, it’s quick and a very effective block string, It also moves Marduk forward ever so slightly, but so much that your opponent will be in perfect range for a throw, if you time it right you can use about 2 or 3 to see if your opponent is chicken blocking and then input the throw.

Damage - 180 + 180 (240 if EX is used)
jump:mk:, cr.:lp:, cr.:lp:, :lk:[delay] :hcb: :p:

Damage - 140 + 160 (240 if EX is used, LP version of Suplex is safer for this set-up)
:b::mp:, :lk:[delay] :hcb: :p:

Thanks to:

  • FullMetalRoss
  • The Mullah
  • thekoolaidman
  • Plot Armor
  • HellFire
  • Yuenyun
  • Icege


Reserving Spot, just for a laugh :stuck_out_tongue:


How come you didn’t list his real bnb, cr.lp (x1 or 2) xx hcb+k,p or k


Okay, just did it in Training and I will make a note of it. :slight_smile:


I like > cr.hp x dc > x hp srk move.
Or j.hp > > st.hp x hp srk


447 Damage - One bar - Anywhere on screen
J.MK>CR.MK>ST.HK>HCB+KK(Wall-bounce)>CR.MP>ST.HP>Forward HP>HP DP

Timing takes a while to get right, but its worth it for the damage


Thanks for the contribution guys

The Jump Heavy Punch into Jump Heavy Kick is such a weird link, the timing is pretty odd, but pretty solid if you can pull it off.


My tag in combo: HP gator slam


Already posted in the general thread, but it fits here better.

Anti-Air Combo (Requires Juri): 534 Damage (556 Damage on Counter Hit)
cr.HP, JC, j.HP, s.HP, HP Fuhajin (store), Tag, Fuhajin (release), j.HK, s. HP, HP Gator Slam


off tag ins you can get 2 standing mp into xx HP gator.

His jump HK is pretty good, considering the hit angle. I throw it out during mixups, like jump in attack, go right into jump HK.
After that I go straight into EX tackle, juggle with LK, MP>d+HP (body blow target combo), HP gator. Any other jab combo though, I just do stand LK to crouch MP since scaling gets pretty bad. I’ll test some more when I get home.


here is a video of said thing off tag in



I didnt explain very well originally. Craig Rush cannot be canceled but the last hit results in a slow fall state similar to anti air counterhit c.hp. The last hit of Craig Rush puts the opponent in that state without being on CH (during a juggle).

What i posted was that a player can switch cancel off of the last hit and get their usual post launcher follow up. Ie: in the corner overhead, xx ex tackle, craig rush xx tag cancel in abel off of the last hit, step kick~dash x2, s.hp xx air throw

If it would be easier i can record something tomorrow showing what im trying to convey.

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Note: Played around using another ender (again)

It’s body blow into c.MP. Harder to time than this one for 5-10 more damage lol, maybe less… up to you to decide if it’s worth it.

First and foremost, I apologize for the amount of space this post will take lol. That being said, let’s begin!

[All of these will be EX takedown combos]
Marduk has standard meterless bnb combos as well, but I feel that what really makes him shine is his EX tackle. Many combos have been listed already, but I do a slightly different ender. In some cases, it does more damage, in others slightly less. However, in my opinion it is much easier to execute.

[EX takedown, standing LK, standing MP, crouching MP xx HP gator]
Occasionally, the HP gator will actually whiff. To make sure that doesn’t happen, after the EX tackle, just hold forward (walk forward) during the LK and the first MP. Once you hit that first MP, you should be close enough for a c.MP xx HP gator to connect. (Videos below)

Many variations of these combos have been posted already, but I’ll make a list of the ones I use along with the damage and some notes.

[j.MK, (c.LP x 1-2), c.MP xx EX takedown, LK, MP, c.MP xx HP gator]
Standard jump in combo with MK for crossup or mixup jump ins
1 jab =** 415 damage, 2 jabs = 390 damage **
OR (standard light medium heavy chain xx EX) = 397 damage, (medium hard xx EX) = 445

MK will probably be the main jump in you connect with. Here are 4 different options.

[Backfist, c.LP, c.MP xx EX takedown, LK, MP, c.MP xx HP gator] = 435 damage
A combo off of backfist. I’ve heard people say that you can’t link lights after a backfist except for counterhit, but you can. It’s just a 1 frame link, from how it feels. I could be wrong. Easier variations to swap out for the c.LP, c.MP links are:
[…c.LK xx EX takedown…] = 429 damage, easier because you can plink c.LK
**[…c.LK > MP > HP xx EX takedown…] = 417, **less damage than just LK, but easier to hit confirm

[Mongolian chop, c.LP, c.MP xx EX takedown, LK, MP, c.MP xx HP gator] = 435 damage
Since the overhead chop (PP) does the same damage as a heavy jump in and the backfist (100 damage) all of the damage values will be the same. See the last combo section for numbers.

[j.HK, EX takedown, LK, MP, c.MP xx HP gator] = 463 damage
You may be wondering, why j.HK? It’s excellent for mixups. For example, j.MK, immediate neutral/forward jump HK. Since the stomp extends downward, it will hit very quickly. Anyone trying to jab, throw, or hold forward expecting you to throw out a crossup j.MK will get groundbounced. j.HK does not crossup however.

[j.HP, j.HK, EX takedown, LK, MP, c.MP, xx HP gator] = 509 damage video below
The highest damage you’ll get off of one meter with this ender. This is my day 2 Marduk, so this is just the ender that I’ve grown used to using. It’s the easiest to pull off for me while getting the damage that I can.

[Tag combos]

*For these combos, I used Vega as a combo extender. **Below are combos with Vega/Marduk damage values. *

Vega: [(j.HP or j.HK), HP, c.MP xx MK ST, cosmic heel, ST xx tag] Marduk: [MP, MP, c.MP xx HP gator] = 493 damage, 1 meter
Example air juggle combo

Vega: [(j.HP or j.HK), HP xx HP roll xx tag] Marduk: [j.HP, c.HP xx takedown dash cancel, c.LK, c.MP xx HP gator] = 488 damage, 1 meter
Standing combo extender with a dash cancel for fun. Forgot to record haha.

Vega’s roll pushes the opponent out of range midscreen, so the next 2 combos would be corner specific. However, there may be other partners with special moves that hold your opponent in place while keeping them standing allowing you to do these midscreen. Just play around with that.

Vega: [(j.HP or j.HK), HP xx HP roll xx tag] Marduk: [Charge normal takedown, release on EX to ender] = 488 damage, 1 metervideo below
Not bad for a tag in combo. Costs one meter just like all the other combos listed.

**Vega: [(j.HP or j.HK), HP xx HP roll xx tag] Marduk [Charge EX takedown, hold until super] = 470 damage, 2 meter **video below
This combo was more or less just to see if it would connect. It costs 2 bars, but is actually easier than the other tag in combo because it doesn’t rely on you releasing the tackle at the moment of EX flash. The super will come out after being held long enough. Plus if you’re gonna kill someone, it looks cooler xD

And below is a video with the last 3 combos to give you an idea of how the timing works. Once again, I didn’t really contribute too much besides a different ender since most of you have figured out the other combos above already, but here’s a compilation of some of that info. Hope this post helps give people ideas for future combos that may do even more combo! :slight_smile:



Yeah man, That’d be sweet :slight_smile:


I love you HellFire, My team is Juri and Marduk xD

I shall be practicing this in the lab…too bad c.HP can be pretty unreliable at time, I prefer her c.MP for Anti-Airing…

But enough of this Juri Talk, onto MarDUKE!


I’ll have to give that giant post a read at some point and hope I can incorporate some of tag stuff into my hwo/mardook team somehow, haha

on the note of tags though, i have a baby easy hwo/marduck tag in combo that does ~475 (this is going off of memory so I’m not sure if it’s completely right) for the one meter used to tag

Hwoarang:, [s.mlk], xx qcb+hk xx tag Marduk: xx hp gator slam

edit: after a little bit of messing around (because the ground bounce followup with marduk was really just split second thinking that I never bothered fixing), I have raised the damage from 475 to 490.
Marduk: xx hp gator slam is now Marduk: j.hp, xx hp gator slam

I’m going to keep messing with it to see what happens, but this does remind me about something I’d been meaning to ask. What do you guys think is the best possible way to follow up on a ground bounce after a tag into Marduk?


this thread is funny because this is all marduk really has.


It’s funny because it’s true, ah well, he is fun to use and ultimately satisfying to win with.


He’s a tank, not a gundam :stuck_out_tongue:


Jin: shun massatsu x median line destruction( tag on the first hit )
Marduk: jump towards roundhouse, fierce x fierce gator slam 493

Possible to do jump roundhouse, neutral jump fierce, fierce x fierce gator slam