Craigslist Diamond

I just found this posting of the Craigslist Florida page.
3 Arcade Machines

""Double Dragon - Dedicated, cabinet is pretty beat up, but repairable, no sound, I think some buttons need replacement, comes with original manual: $80
Neo Geo MVS 2-slot (Ghost Pilots and Art of Fighting) - No sound, some buttons need to be replaced, otherwise pretty good condition, cabinet in decent condition, comes with original manual: $70**
Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition - Doesn’t work at all, no idea what’s wrong with it, cabinet in near perfect condition - $50
You must pick it up yourself, bring a couple of friends and a big van/truck and a hand truck/dolly, these things are heavy.

If you pick all of them up, I’ll give it to you for $150.

Thanks. “”

Is that a cabinet for $50? Awesome, I’ve always wanted an Arcade cabinet…
Even if I can’t fix it, I can still hook up a PC to it…ahahahaa! But how the heck am I going to get it back to Massachusetts? I’m only on vacation here a few more weeks, and I live in an apartment there, and I go to school in Virginia. I might always get my Dad to bring it up for parents day to Tech~ I’d be legendary!
What do you guys think? I have a really old Win98 PC back home that might play some MAME, or I could find some cheap PBCs. Worth it?

holy shit

I take it that $50 for a broken SFII:CE is a good deal?

There are no pics but the Neo Geo seems like a good deal if its dedicated.

$50 for broken SFII is a decent deal i guess, but like said there are no pics & who know if its the original cab.

All i need is 4-player Wrestlefest, Point Blank, & Candy cab for my mancave & ill be set…