Crane projectile dodging chart



Gen’s Crane c.MK hitbox seems better in SSF4. In fact, he can dodge several projectiles with decent recovery frames. In close combat there are several other/better options, but it gives Gen another option he can work with when fighting characters with projectiles.

I only took into account the projectiles that travel above the ground and can hit Gen when he’s crouching. That’s why this excludes Gouken’s mp/hp Gohadoken and Juri’s Fuhajin. Just to name two.

Akuma / Gouki
lp Gohadoken Yes
mp Gohadoken Yes
hp Gohadoken Yes
lp Shakunetsu Hadoken Yes
mp Shakunetsu Hadoken Yes
hp Shakunetsu Hadoken Yes
lp Zanku Hadoken No
mp Zanku Hadoken Yes (limited use)
hp Zanku Hadoken Yes (limited use)

lp Kikoken No
mp Kikoken No
hp Kikoken No
EX Kikoken No
Kikosho No

lp Bad Stone Yes (early and close to Cody)
mp Bad Stone Yes (early and close to Cody)
hp Bad Stone Yes
EX Bad Stone Yes (early)

lp Gadoken Yes
mp Gadoken Yes
hp Gadoken Yes
EX Gadoken Yes
Haoh Gadoken Yes

Dee Jay
lp Air Slasher Yes (when standing)
mp Air Slasher Yes
hp Air Slasher Yes
EX Air Slasher Yes (when standing)

lp Yoga Fire Yes
mp Yoga Fire Yes
hp Yoga Fire Yes
EX Yoga Fire Yes
Yoga Inferno No
Yoga Catastrophe No

lp Gohadoken Yes (charge gives same results)
EX Gohadoken Yes (charge gives same results)
Denjin Hadoken Yes (charge gives same results)

lp Sonic Boom Yes (when standing)
mp Sonic Boom Yes
hp Sonic Boom Yes
EX Sonic Boom Yes
Sonic Hurricane No

lp Hadoken Yes
mp Hadoken Yes
hp Hadoken Yes
EX Hadoken Yes

lp Soul Spark Yes (when standing)
mp Soul Spark Yes
hp Soul Spark Yes
EX Soul Spark Yes
Aura Soul Spark Yes

lp Hadoken Yes
mp Hadoken Yes
hp Hadoken Yes
EX Hadoken Yes
Shinku Hadoken Yes
Metsu Hadoken No

lk Low Tiger Shot No
mk Low Tiger Shot No
hk Low Tiger Shot No
EX Low Tiger Shot No
Tiger Cannon Yes

lp Hadoken No
mp Hadoken No
hp Hadoken No
EX Hadoken No
Shinku Hadoken No

lp Sonic Boom Yes
mp Sonic Boom Yes
hp Sonic Boom Yes
EX Sonic Boom Yes (when standing)


Early: requires a good read of the projectile being used.
Close: whiff c.MK less than ½ tile away from the opponent, or hit during the projectile animation.
When standing: Immediately execute c.MK from a standing state, so regular crouching state is avoided and Gen’s hitbox won’t expand.
Limited Use: You’re better off not using the move at all, because of better options (focus, dash, crane walk-up, pokes).


  • FADC is possible after c.MK on hit/block.
  • Has decent priority/active frames and beats moves like Rose/Deejay’s slide and Guile’s f.FP with considerable startup frames.


Crane c.MK could always go under some fireballs before, but that was just because he got so low - he couldn’t avoid nearly this many. Now he actually has some projectile invincibility, and he has it from frame ONE, all the way through much of his recovery. You can even avoid chip damage by a meaty fireball from some characters now. This is actually useful.

It’ll be pretty funny seeing Gen players just walk up and kick under every fireball, but he can easily do that now. Very nice list.


Major props for the list Book, and thanks for the additional insight Yeb. I had no idea that the kick had actually invuln frames now. That’s some solid info for sure. I had hoped capcom would do something with this kick because it never seemed to have much use. Yes he could use it to make his profile smaller, bbut he could also do that with Mantis, which was much more useful. I’ll definitely be messing around with this. BIG THANKS!


thanks for the work.

in a few weeks the stickies should be “replaced” with new ones.


A big :tup: for finding this. I never imagined c.MK would have this kind of use.


awesome. his crane had this property in alpha 2


After a little more testing, it seems that the following projectiles CAN be avoided with c.MK, but only while standing since Gen has a smaller hitbox in that state. These have been added to the list:

LP Sonic Boom (Guile)
LP/EX Air Slasher (Deejay)
LP Soul Spark (Rose)
EX Sonic Boom (Seth)

While it gives Gen some sort of an edge against the chars who tend to walk after their own projectile, c.MK has to be executed right before impact. So be aware of the risk involved :slight_smile:


at first i thought “how can you do a while standing? xD”

but then i got whaddya mean ^^


It’s alright. I hope I made it fool-proof now :stuck_out_tongue: