Crane J.MK problems



Imagine this scenario:

Vs Adon: HK Gekiro (Head Level), whiff Hk gekiro, mantis j.attack (safe jump, hits front) OR crane jump, hits cross).

There’s something that has been bothering me with Gen since forever. We don’t really get the full benefits from the crane version; if we change stance mid air, it’ll lose it’s safe jump properties. If we don’t, we don’t have enough time to confirm the hit/block and change stance for a proper combo, we are left with the poor choices of weak sauce s.lp, xx normal juggle combo or risk ourselves and change stance for better damage.

Also, crane jump attacks are pretty vulnerable to backdashes, no? Can’t really OS them safely with something more powerfull than

How are you guys dealing with this type of situation? I wish they could fix this air stance change glitch already, or at least give more block/hitstun for crane or something.


The glitch has been around since vanilla, and Gen has had extra hit/blockstun on all his jumping attacks since then too, believe it or not.

Anyway, there’s no reason the safe jump shouldn’t work in crane. You can still block after a mid-air stance change just like you can after any jumping attack, try doing a safe jump crane j.HP by hitting 3P. The reason it tends to cause problems with j.MK is because it’s useful to hit the crane j.MK really late, and then you’re already on the ground by the time you actually hit 3P. It ends up being like trying to do an OS sweep, where doing a move on the ground prevents you from blocking during your landing frames. You can work around that with real OS safe jumps, but the only way to avoid it with the stance change is to do the stance change extremely fast after the j.MK, before you land. You could try to hit MK with your thumb and then 3P with your fingers, or you could even set a 3P button and basically plink into it.

I bet if you make a recording of Gen trying that safe jump your normal way, but you do a backdash or teleport or something to get away from it, you’ll see Gen doing the stance change animation on the ground, which means you’re doing it too slow.


Big thanks I knew this glitch is as old as Gen but I never trully understood it’s effects. I aways thought he had some kind of vulnerability on landing frames, but now I see I was doing it to late, 3p button “plink” is working as good as it could be.


yeah the safe jumps should still work. its funky playing online though. thats usually when i notice someone being able to dp in between the cross up and my low short or whatever when i know it should have been tight