Crap sound on PC

I’m no sound buff, but I would like some tips/pointers from someone if possible. I am getting crappy sound from my pc. I know its not the speakers. I am using winamp if that matters.

The things I am thinking may be an issue are:

-My speakers are plugged into a power strip which is powering a lot of things. (power problem)

-settings in my volume control setting? (what are optimal settings anyway?)

-winamp settings?

I am a total sound n00b so I may be way off. Any suggestions will be appreciated and I will try them.

Thanks, SRK!

For clarification. The sound is kinda tinny. Sounds like all the sounds are all muffled together, like everything is too loud, even when its not that loud.

Is it different if you didn’t use winamp?

Get a soundcard.

Sounds the same in wmp.

I only really use sound for music so I couldn’t justify spending much on a sound card. If there is a cheap sound card that will drastically increase my sound quality for music, please link me. However, if there is any other option with my current sound card, please inform me. Whether it be settings, some program, etc. Share the knowledge please!

well try adjusting your winamp player volume to be lower and turning your sound control volume all the way up. also just to see if it isnt your speakers. plug your speakers into a mp3 player or cdplayer to see if it sounds normal or still distorted.

Good idea man, i’ll try it and get back.

that problem happens on car stereos alot with ipods/mp3s. you have to turn down the ipod/mp3 player volume to about 50% then adjust on the car stereo to get anything that sounds halfway decent.