Willing to sell the crowns?


You wouldn’t happen to have any other Korean parts to trade for would you?


The only other korean parts I have is a black Myoungshin Fanta battop and a green Crown CWL303 battop. Imma have more buttons and joysticks in the future but thats all i have for now.




I have a GC RJ45 for sale if you are still looking for one.


pics added


thread update in progress.
Price drop on all current items prior to update.


price drop.


new items added. Will upload pictures when I get back.


pics added and interest check!


How used are the white sanwa buttons?


The crown stick, can it be changed to balltop?


@ PsyWolf. I bought them as used from another users so I have no clue. He did however tell me he pulled them fresh out of a Round 1 TE. But he did inform me that they were slightly used for testing purposes before he did that tho.

@Kid Kaos:
New Korean Lever Offers New Possibilities for Mad Catz FightSticks


Well I’m interested but I’ll tell you later if I’m gonna buy them. I was going to buy a brawl stick and change out the buttons but gamestop has one of the madcatz arcade sticks for sale and if I pick that up I won’t need the buttons.


Crown cwj 303a Joystick and Crown CWB 203c buttons pending trade.


Sanwa buttons sold.
New Items added.


I wAnt the free case :slight_smile:


send me a pm with your mailing address and its yours. Otherwise its still available to the first one that sends ME a pm.


Crown 203c buttons and cwj joystick traded.
Both cases have been spoken for until further notice. Will respond accordingly down the list of PMs queued until they are no longer available.
Added 1 more Wico Perfect 360 to the list.
Price drop on Wicos.