Craving #SFxT? XBOXLive 24-7 Endless Lobby


Craving #SFxT? We set up a #FrankenXBOX hosting a
24-7 Endless Lobby on #XboxLive and streaming it at


I made an ass out of myself on here the other night when I was drunk. Had no Idea it was streaming. My play wasn’t terrible but my mouth was


Hah, so that guy was you?

It was entertaining alright :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I was there, it was two days ago and Mr. Oww was there. I had a suspicion it was being streamed but didn’t really know till now.


Thanks for doing this. It really is hard to find SFxT streams. When Jibbo’s stream is up it’s awesome, but it’s also not on as regularly as before.


Doesn’t want to let me watch it. Just a black screen. Probably has to do with iPhones hating twitch though


Your welcome, glad to help show some love for SFxT after being convinced to check the game back out after its initial flop, they have fixed alot of the issues I had with the game and its gotten way better through the patches, and the 2013 patch is looking to make this an even better game.
I was surprised no one was already running a lobby on xblive for it or even just a steady stream/lobby like there are for other games.@Bob_the_MAC
said he had 2 dead xbox 360s in his parts graveyard and said if we could resurrect one he would gladly donate it to be the stream box. So make sure to give that guy some props, he also threw in $8 on the used copy of SFxT I picked up to leave in that box as well!

Im still working on getting it added to the list on eventhubs sent them an email and a few tweets already… Hopefully we can get that done to help get the SFxT online community some exposure.


It might have something to do with the resolutions also? I am new to streaming and havent figured out how to get the stepped resolutions to show up so people can choose what quality to watch at, if anyone has some X-Split tips feel free to hit me up and I will see what I can do to get this running as best we can for you guys.


haha I wanna hear this crazy talk i keep hearing about, I wonder if its in the past broadcasts?


I’m laid out on pain meds with a MCL tear and just drink and play this in the evenings. I’m sure the best is yet to come sadly. Oh well, it’s a lot of fun in the lobby.

I for sure remember you because I signed on and was like “oh, he is in a lobby… I’m gonna follow in and see what’s happening”. Then I found my mic and Idk after that. I think I won a couple times.


Wow already 52 followers on the twitch channel…:tup:


I always check to see if someone is in here now. I more than 2 I try to join and see whats up. Meeting interesting playstyles here sometmes


Airjuggle asked me the other day, and in case anyone else was wondering, …

Here is the Frankenbox resurrected from 2 dead 360s that were beyond rrod fixing…
we swapped some parts and upgraded some older parts with newer ones
and set it up in my “server closet” right on top of my computer
in front of an ac unit blowing 63 degree air on it 24-7


Yeah, room is pretty good. Been hanging out there past 4 or 5 nights(AlphaZero and Ikorose) trying to make things look interesting:rofl: Got my first Jack-X hatemail…from a Rufus player. It was awesome. Shoutouts to all the A-Ranks who met Guy and Lei and got hugs from Bear. Like Wanton said…there’s playstyles on display that sure are interesting.:wink:


You’re one interesting mf


Not that I really need to say what everyone already knows but there is also
Hosted by
Where he has been giving out some great advice
such as this you tube video on the fundamentals of sfxt he just put out.


Aww yeeah 8,500 views 100 follows on … [S]#[/S]SFxT Thanks for all the support! Lets get ready for SFxT 2013!


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