Crawl cross-ups?

I noticed bbhood has a pretty good crouching magic series.

i’m trying to get c.1+doom,234 then fk and follow it up with some crawling action, i’m usually out of a proper cross-up range. so i’ll follow it up with another couple light attacks, c.fkXXmissle after this and then if they can’t punish i go for her flaming champagne shit.

anyone ever experiment with ground chains+helper and then use the crawl for cross-ups? i’m terrible with this character… just lookin for some ideas

stupid shit in the corner, do her launch+doom, sj 1 or 2 lights(can’t remember off the top of my head), then fk, knocks them into doom, sj back up, lk, fk, falling fk…

sup bbhood ur a monster with that duo.

I’ve been messing around with BB hood a bit.

I know you can otg a with another As for the crawl crossup, im not sure how reliable this is but you can try doing., pause, tron xx crawl. xx crawl, call tron xx crawl again.