This is one of my first posts here, but me and my friends feel like holding a tournament and we’re trying to get the word out. Here are the details—
Facebook Link

The Country Inn and Suites
1300 Chesapeake Terrace
Sunnyvale, CA


We’re holding our own mini-evo event (post-evo) from 6pm-3am. We’re holding it in a little hotel banquet, with 11 setups (PS3s + 2 Wiis + 1 PC). Games featured will be Street Fighter 4, BlazBlue, Brawl, Tekken 5, SF2HDR. We’ll set up money tournaments and exhibition games on the side. Money tournaments will cost $5 + a $2 down fee to the venue hosting the event. Sign-ups start at 6, first come first serve. SF4 Singles Tourny Caps at 64. SF4 teams Caps at 32. We’ll also hold Blazblue, Tekken5, and Brawl (Singles and/or doubles) tournys depending on the turnout for each game. Bring your own food because we too broke to provide much. The room capacity is 128, so pre-register to guarantee a spot!

The first big tournament will be the SF4 singles tourny (4 setups), which will go from 7pm - 10pm. The second big tournament will be the SF4 doubles (4 setups) from 10pm - 1230pm.

SYSTEMS: PS3, Wii, and 1 PC (for all you with Xbox controllers/sticks for SF4)

*Please bring your own controller, if you do not have one we’ll only have regular sixaxis and/or dualshock controllers for you to use. We still advise you to bring your own control just so you won’t lose due to bad buttons.

Payout for money tournaments are standard 70/20/10

Singles Rules for SF4, Tekken, BlazBlue, SF2HDR:
-Double Elimination
-2/3 rounds
-2/3 matches
-Winners and Losers Brackets
-All Finals (winners, losers, grand) are best 3/5 matches
-Winners bracket holds advantage
-Per match up, winning player must keep character and loser has choice to change character. (All players can choose any character during first match per match up.)

SF4 Team Tournament rules:
-Teams of 2
-Double Elimination
-2/3 rounds
-2/3 matches
-Winners and Losers Brackets
-All Finals (winners, losers, grand) are best 3/5 matches
-Winners bracket holds advantage
-Team players must have a set character, each team must compromise of two different characters
-Player 1 of Team A will go against Player 1 of Team B. Then Player 2 of Team A will go against Player 2 of Team B. If a third match is needed, the winners of A and B will face each other for the final round.

Any questions hit us up
-Alan (408) 334-3421
-Jeff (408) 857 8111

(Rules are subject to change if found necessary)

SF4 Singles: (FILLED!!)
Andy Ma
Nu (GBF)
Ronnie L
NabNabDeep (Arnie)
Ky’s friend
Ky’s friend 2
Darry Dizz
Paul Holmes (Noobtorius)
JT “Moses” Sales
Boy of Joy
Justin Chen
Jerome D
John D
rei y
Calvin Le
Brian Tano
Vincent Bringas
Koome (Stockton 209)
Koome friend 1 (Stockton 209)
Koome friend 2 (Stockton 209)
Koome friend 3 (Stockton 209)
Koome friend 4 (Stockton 209)
Koome friend 5 (Stockton 209)
Liquid Fox
Taylor Smith
Ricky Ortiz
Jack Waller
Andrew O
Eric C.
Joseph Jung
Paul Marino

SF4 Teams: (FILLED!)
Andy + Vincent Bringas
FilipinoChampRyan + Crizzle
JackZenith + ?
Paul Holmes (Noobtorius), Shaun Kiggens (Kira)
“Shoulderpads, Shinguards & Boxing Gloves”: Illiterate + Thrust07
Team Sneeze XX Ultra, Evanda + One3six
JulikeAdobo (JL) + Misterbiggs
Hadokn + Partner
Darry Dizz + Partner
Crackfiend + Lamerboi
Tim + Nu
Scunscion + Boy of Joy
Girl + Khoi
Ronnie L + Kirk
DopeUyuu + Botsu
Calvin Le + Brian Tano
Liquid Fox + 9kill
Teqset + ChronoFreak
TrapperJohn + Paul
Jack + Andrew O
LucK + Mic
Topknot + Reitype
lordxblade + Coopa
ROM AKA De4deye + Ricky Ortiz
Nabnabdeep + Kris
Stockton Team 1
Stockton Team 2
Stockton Team 3
elcubanoloco + partner
Dase + Hughy
Nytemare64 + midangmovement

-Nu (GBF)
-Calvin Le
-Ricky Ortiz
-Kevin Rillon

-Darry Dizz
-Boy of Joy
-Kevin Rillon
-Koome friend 1 (Stockton 209)
-Koome friend 2 (Stockton 209)
-Koome friend 3 (Stockton 209)
-Andrew Cea
-Ricky Ortiz
-jeff cabutage

-Nu (GBF)
-nmestar99 Jeff
-Edward Jacalne
-CGC Greyfox
-Syrus Draco

-Shinobi00 friend
-JT Moses Sales
-Darry Dizz


Do you mean 5 setups each hosting one tournament, or the whole tournament is going to be spread across all 5 setups, and will be limited to 32 players? If you’re capping the whole tourney at 32 people you are underestimating the amount of people that would probably show up.


I just bought a PS3, so I’m going to pick up a PS3 stick. If I can get one before this, I’ll come out.


If you are capping at such a low amount you should have pre-registration. Two things could happen without it; Too many people will come and a lot of people will have wasted travel time or not enough people will come because they will all assume it will get capped before they get there. Well I guess by chance you could also get a perfect amount of people coming out…


Sorry guys I didn’t know how many people would actually be willing to come out after EVO. How big do you think the cap should be then? 64 a good number?


So far we have 5 set ups…2 for SF4, and 1 each for Brawl, Tekken, and BlazBlue. Trying to get more donations but this is just what we have so far. We have 1 40" inch TV and the others are just small 26" or so monitors…


I’m voting for HDR.


Double that on HDR. Might come to this.

Good luck gentlemen.


I would try to make this if I wasn’t swamped with work hours after EVO. But +1 vote to run HDR!


its a Team Tourny for SF4, just letting people know.


STHD Classic Mode should be put in.


Mizuki, just bring an ST cab to the venue.


Hey guys,

So change of plans due to the high amount of people wanting HDR…we might just drop Tekken unless people really want it. We’ll probably set aside some games for casuals and keep some specific for tournaments. We only have the venue until 3am…not sure if we could hold everything we want. I’ll keep ya’ll posted though.

I’m trying to get a singles SF4 tourny AND/OR a 2 man team SF4 tourny.
and we’ll take pre registers for these tournys just so you all don’t waste any gas…

Get at me for any questions


I still want a Tekken tourney too! Throw out that garbage BlazBlue!


Lol, maybe we’ll just leave Blazblue as an exhibition game on the side…


64 people sounds like a good cap, also just because one person says they don’t want blazblue that isn’t enough of a reason to keep it out

The free tournament thing doesn’t sound like a good idea really, especially if there’s no prize or anything for it, it’ll just get in the way of the main games with real money on the line. SF4, Brawl (hey, free money for me), Blaz, Tekken sound fine. Pre-registering would be nice for those of us going from SRK to guarantee spots.

It all sounds good so far, we’ll just see if I can get the day off of work

P.S: I know Brawl, it’s kind of complicated. Message me through PM or AIM if you want rules, if I get work off and show up I can help run Brawl. The game takes a LONG time though compared to other fighters, so be ready for that


If it’s a team tournament 32 probably is more than enough. I thought that was singles. MAH BAHD!!!


For team tourney SF4 , you find your own partner right? I hope it’s not randomized partners like this game crazy tourney I joined in a few weeks back QQ


Plus 4 on HDR.

Here’s an important question…

Is there a/c?


You’ll bring your own partner for the team tourny.