Craziest and possibly best EVO ever

Seriously, craziest results I’ve seen for EVO.

Daigo gets peaced out in 3s. Japs are getting shut down. Calipower is American hero. Sanford doesn’t even qualify. Duc loses $6k match. Americans take AE. WTF is going on.

Daigo getting graced by Valle in both 3S and AE, and then by Combofiend in CvS2 = Gold.

edit: Actually, didn’t Buk knock Daigo out of CvS2 after Combo sent him to losers? I don’t think this has been confirmed yet but that’s how it seems.

nothing is really that crazy. jwong wins mvc2. japs own 3s. japs own ggxx. kindebu takes cvs2 again.

i guess daigo not placing higher in most games is a surprise but he’s been playing mah jong :stuck_out_tongue:


was it Duc’s own money on the line? prolly not so how did the loot get so high?

So…who won in Slash?

duc vs sanford MM was possibly the greatest fighting game matches of ALL time :wow:

oh yea and btw:

US > Japan

so when are you gonna finish the “excuses for daigo losing in everything to americans” thread? :rolleyes:

Oh, no excuses for Daigo. Just looking at the results, he didn’t place as well as he did in the past. But with the exception of daigo, the results look very similar to previous evos. Japs still took three of the tournaments while placing high in AE. :rolleyes: We knocked out several their top players in different games, but that’s to be expected with so many entries in evo.

The fact is that they consistently come over here and take the top spots despite having to face all of the US’s top players. Whereas Americans have rarely done the same on their turf.

I posit that the 3S finals demonstrated what a boring-ass game top-level 3S is, and I’ll be interested to see if anyone disagrees with me because I really don’t see how anyone can.

Best comment from Skisonic on commentary (paraphrasing) “Pyro’s up against a Yun now, then if he wins this he’s got a Yun, then a Chun, then a Yun, a Yun…how can you people enjoy this game.” :lol:

It was really boring because only the Japanese Yun and Chun players came out for this evo. If you watch any Kokujin or RX matches, its definitely much more entertaining.

next year evo should do 3v3 tournament, it’d be the largest one yet!!! And more character variety hopefully.

so where did that $6600 come from ?? it can’t be duc’s own $$…:confused:

money matches definitely made this the most memorable EVO, not any of the tournament games :smiley:

Props to all US players! A question: Could have been that the change os ST to AE helped? Or Nelson and Wolfe are that good? (I dont doubt it!):wgrin:

Again BIG props to all players!

actually after my bro won, there was an exhibition match on stage between my brother and daigo on the new st coming out for ps2, its arcade perfect. And my brother beat him.

Why not? He got plenty from Studiotraffic… :wink:

enters the Witness Protection Program

graham what happened man, i thought you were ready for tokido’s bullshit. I knew that cheapo would pick up CE bison in two days.

i wasnt playing good that day, before tourney i was playing fine in practice vs daigo. On reflection all i needed to do was pick ww guile vs bison. And vs nelson not pick ce vega first game hehe.

There was no ‘movie’ or ‘combo video’ as intermission this time around?

Or was that basically the Sanford vs Duc mm :O?

good shit to alex, you guys should have un-retired a year ago when gian was here.