Craziest and possibly best EVO ever

NKIs new vid was shown I think.

after having that long conversation with daigo, we plan on going over to japan to play their finest st players. I’m not going to post the details about all that in this thread, if anyone is interested they can catch up in the st thread =)

Gah, anyone know what it was of?

I still love watching his MvC1 vid from last year.

Yeah, the results are definately crazy this year. I hope the DVDs would come out soon. >.>

Eh, all games get like that, Marvel is just a few teams everyone plays. Probably the most diverse is CvS2 since a person can have a sorta random third member, but even then blanka and sagat are on most teams.

Anyhow I liked all of it, Marvel was probably the most exciting, but outside of the tourney itself. I haven’t gotten to see all that much high level Marvel, I’d copped a view vids here and there, but I never saw shit like the duc vs sanford money match before.

I wanna see all the footage I can get my hands on, including the WCx2 vs TX vs EC thing.

there was 2 bookies…

Mike Watson was taking WC bets… and either Vietkhan or Issac Graham was taking EC…

although i was drunk at tthe time, so my info may be a little off…

the total of all bets reached just below the 7k mark.

in japan there are over 50039402835 arcades and its something called MAINSTREAM over there. more players= more comp = higher standard. These japs play like over 6 hours a day and some are even sponsored.

in us you can count all the players on your toes, 3 of the final eight were from family fun arcade. They only play each other, yet they can compete and knock out the best from japan.

why is it that people seem to always discredit the americans and praise the japs? To say japs are good, fine. to always make excuses for them jetlag etc is pathetic. and is it because of their dyed blond hair and purses/manbags? :rolleyes:

so true. USA has stepped their shit up.

Good games.

Didn’t he say he was going to make it to the finals? :lol:

how can u forget KSK?! he was doing commentary up front for gods sake

the most disappointing part is all chun lost to yun in the top 8
and ohnuki winning with the reset victory seems to be total BS to me

This year’s video was for Super Turbo (arcade and Dreamcast versions).

Yeah, it sucks, but they couldn’t agree on a resolution, so we just went straight by the books: reset = loss

Nitto won that set anyway, so there’s really no drama there.

Most hype games this year:

-all the matches were neck and neck steves fuckin everyone up
-the matches were insane, reigon vs reigon, gs JRA never heard of you before, but you hyped up and made 3rd
-arario vs jinmaster HELLA HYPE omg, tekken players can get hype too why did you use steve arario why? just stick to your token jack or paul

-also pretty sick too, daigo vs alex, ce bison vs the world
-tokido being cheap as FUCK with crusher unblockables, god he has that shit perfect and also
-alex/grahm? for using ce bison and hella not fucking up the trap

-teh suck…i almost fell asleep

-pretty exciting, all matches were neck and neck almost all of them went to 3rd round last character
-personally it was exciting for me cause I got to cheer on my boy Hail and Kill and he was SOOOOOOOOOOO close to beating Jwong, almost a crazy ass comeback at the end, imo it was the best cvs2 match in top 8

-some boring some hype, i think it was boring because play was hella fucking sloppy this year
-semi’s and duc $ match were sick as shit, but top 8 was sloppy and boring
-good matches in top 8 were:
duc v jmar - duc shutting him down
soo v jwong
soo v yipes
-slop city…god, hella pauses and controller disconnects and shit, esp soo vs chunk? it fucks the whole game up, triforce gettin hella crazy what happened:
soo hits horiz typhoon into hail storm then a controller disconnects right in the middle of hail, they decide to unpause and play
-triforce hella pissed cause if soo mashed hail, it would have killed the person instead of leaving them at one pixel health, soo could have mashed, killed, guard broken the other person and made a come back
-still i have to admit, it’s hella hard to decide what to do in that situation cause chunksta still had 2 solid characters left, but still, it’s marvel, you can come back off of everything if you have momentum

-semis were sick as fuck, hella upsets ahem daigo v valle still though daigo was hella fuckin shit up, shortx2xxxsuper, low forward hit confirms, low strong, strongxfierce combos
-top 8, still pretty hype, amir vs issei = HELLA GOOD, issei dope as shit to watch, not boring at all, nitto hella sick to watch, not boring either
-that restart match was crazy nitto took it though, he WAS the better person

3S finals are usually pretty boring. Just Chun/Yun/Ken (though there was no Ken this year, I believe). In order to spice things up, we decided to bet on how many Genei Jin activations there were during the finals. It was an over/under 100 bet. Most of us went with over.

There were 121 Genei Jin activations.

It actually got us to pay attention to the finals.

the cvs2 finals sound great. cant wait to see it n.n

the 3s sounds disapointing… yun/chun tier whore fest… least with ken it can be a little more interesting… i would like to see an american own with makoto though. that’d be pretty sweet

Zangoefu and KSK also came out for 3S and Tokido even switched to Urien in a tournament match! Yet…it was obvious that his Urien was rusty as fuck and he shoud probably stick to Chun at this point. I heard RX was there but never saw him. Maybe I’m wrong.

Oh and incase anyone cares…I got owned in everything. Even the one game I can actually play, 3S. 3S randomness FTW! :lol: Like Bacardi said… “take that shit back to VA.” :tup:

Any chance we’ll see it soon?

:lovin: :lovin: :lovin:

ToXY - Instead of direct linking to the vid, it would be better to link to the page, because the transcript can also be found there.


Until an American flys to Japan and takes SBO, Japan is still a step ahead of us.

Remember me?? I was that guy who was like, “You’re deviljin!” “Own them with Ibuki!” I was in a black polo on the first day. :rofl: I’ll be sure to compete next year.