Craziest Person U beat


I play at Chinatown Fair in New York City and as you might guess, there are alot of fucked up people there. There have been SO many wierd moments in the arcade but the number 1 spot goes to a bum who threatened to stab my friend when he lost. Number 2 might be when I had a huge win streak against my friend and he slammed really hard on the buttons and walked out.

Forgot to add the Black guy who spins in circles around the arcade when he lands a Gigas Breaker.


I beat Ken whores with Twelve :lovin: Also when I beat some guy who supposedly came in 5th at FFA 2/3 games with Twelve at my local arcade.


random crackfeens play 3S at Oaktree arcade in Oakland often. they all pretty crazy


LOL :rofl:


I used to know a guy who would run about 20 feet into the wall and run back to the cab while screaming “Oh shit, oh shit” everytime I caught him with something or fully parried something like Kikou-Shou (sp?).

I just assumed it was some kind of approval or acknowledgement of my awesomeness…meh, whatever.:bluu:


CTF is shit.


THere was this one guy, and I beat him… he said “good game” and then put in more money and tried again!!! OMFG it was insane.


Wow…that usually never happens.


hahahaha very funny guy
i know a relly funny guy of mi country (chile)
heclose his ears…and crouch when he hit oponent with a 360


one time, i beat myself, oh wait that was actually a lot of times and it was to porn


LOL, beat some guy on the machine, he was starting to get pissed smashing the cabinet and stuff, then someone puts some money in the machine to indicate he wanted the next turn. The guy turned around and screamed at him “I’m fucking playing the game now! You wait your fucking TURN!!!” I just threw the next match and left, no point playing someone like that.

Also, playing one day, and see two asian dudes playing on the machine next to me on SFA3, the scrawny one with glasses wins, and suddenly the other asian guy loses it and just swings one, two, three right into his face. We all were shocked and stood up to stop him but then he just walked off, he was a regular player too, dunno if something was said beforehand or not. The scrawny guy just sits there with a bloodied face just cowering. Then the arcade dude comes over to take care of him. Crazy…

Of course that never beats those crazy Madden/Soccer game players, they are just nuts.


I some how fluked a win against this really good alex player at my arcade, then he beat me afterwards.

Also I saw some guy trip over his own feet while playing that dancing game called “Into the Groove 2”.


i beat YOU, that was crazy.


i beat genki’s ken with Q once.

then he raped everyone for hours with his insane alex


This one dude at C3 kept reseting the game everytime I beat him.

I said to him “it’s cool man, we are in vs mode not arcade mode”

He didn’t say nothin but kept doin it then I realized he was doin it to reset the win counter. Mind you I beat him 4 times before I got bored and left. He did the same thing to my best friend.

That dudes scrubiness made my head explode lol i’d expect that from a 5 year old not a dude in his late teens, early 20’s.


Haha Mark who was that? I want the scoop!

There was this dude in the Bearcade back in Berkeley we called “Crazy Chinese Guy” who was pretty crazy. Also, he was Chinese. I think he might have been actually crazy though, I’m pretty sure he wasn’t a student. He would show up randomly, throw a few quarters in, get destroyed while only tapping roundhouse and doing 360s on the stick, yell about it, etc. Not an ass or anything, just, you know, crazy. Saw him begging for quarters a few times.


I never got his name.

Basically when I run into scrubs I blast them 3 matches with my crappiest characters, then I go look for someone better to play.


none of you have played me yet


Its been a while since I was here, but this thread is an incredibly funny topic and I had to put my own stories in.

If you been to Reno you might have seen a somewhat regular guy at the arcade at Circus Circus, I think his name is alberto or something. Sort of ratty looking dude, but I was playing MvC2 there and we’re at about the same level I guess, but we’re on last characters and I’m winning with a fresh capcom and he has psylocke thats almost dead, so i run for the last 10 seconds on the clock just to be safe and the dude just starts going psycho on me and basically isn’t even looking at the game, so hes like basically in face saying “thats what you’re going to do huh?!?! run because you’re going to lose?!!!” So i dash in and combo him for the win with a second left on the clock. He decides to kick the screen and then throw soda on it.

At a CC i was going to there was a MvC2 machine at the arcade and there was this one asian dude that lost 8 times or so to me calling me “cheap”. He kicks the screen, and pulls the 2P stick so hard that he drags the machine 3 feet before the stick brakes off.

same place, another asian dude keeps saying “what the fuck?!” every time i gaurd brake him with cable. after alot of losses he starts kicking at the machine door and the coin slots wouldn’t work for a month.

currently at my school, theres an ultracade with SF2CE on it, and you know I be raping with Zangief and dhalsim on that shit. Nobody could escape the 360 rape in the corner. I must have been playing like 2 hours and this dude just straight knife kicks the screen and the monitor wouldn’t work for a week.

I dunno, I’ve encountered alot of guys that like the take their aggression on the machine.


I remember back in bell, CA when the peeps would get out of high school and play at a spot called nichos pizza. People would get crazy All the time saying dumbshit and cornering others (my friends and I call pussy; u guys should know the old sf2 glitch against arcade for perfects all the time: short then throw, repeat) Anyhow there was a situation in which one of my friends was cornered that way against the so called big cheese who would only play after school that my friend would simply reverse throw or uppercut his ass for the win. He got so pissed one time he threw a pizza bread at me and my buddies and we just laughed hysterically for such nonsense. another time when I was playing sam sho 2 i was beat .75c of my $1 that I owned a guy for $5 who refused to play with another character thinking his secret move special with haohmaru would beat mine. good times