Crazy 3s ken match

click on “play this movie” this is the craziest 3s ken i have ever seen :clap:

haha that was good! :clap:

This is as great as is it stupid ! And it is damn stupid !

But technically speaking, it’s very well made, it must have taken some time to do that

that was fucking great :tup: … it must have took ages to make! If it wasn’t for the Matrix what would people do!

Well done.

The author’s notes surprised me the most.

I think this guy needs to play against some Chun’s more often.

HAHAHA :rofl:

i thought i saw daigo’s parry against jwong almost being copyed here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

:party: Daigo appreciation day :party:

This guy posts on TZ, and from reading his posts there, I’m not surprised he said something as silly as that.

Chun with the BFG was great. :rofl:

The whiff sequence was dragged out a bit too long though. And the final blow was just a bit anti-climactic. But still quite funny.

Yeah, I agree on the final blow thing… With all the crazyness going on, i thought the end would be amazing. It was good… but kind of a let down.

Where the fuck were the dragon punches!!! Not ONE DP if i recall correctly… I thought he was going to DP his head off or something at the end.

Either way, still crazy good flash. One of the best I’ve ever seen (and not because of my SF fanboy status either)

Best part was the northern lights at the end… is it just me, or do they look awesome??

Hey that was pretty good, ha, props to him.

Did anyone else notice the Iron Chef theme at the end?

OH, and I think this was posted in GD earlier…

hasn’t this been posted before?

ha ha that was dope

Haha that was great. Now do one of Raiden vs Genei Jin Yun.

That was awesome.

yups… /filler

Good Stuff right there. :tup: