Crazy black guy rapping in class (vid inside)

I haven’t been in the forums for a while so if this is old Forgive me.

This guy was apparently rapping about Jesus. He must’ve been speaking in tongues cause I coulddn’t understand a fucking word he said!!

and then he starts “preaching” and starts rapping again…


the random arm swinging confirms it, he’s retarded.

He’s cracked out and he’s still more lyrical and makes you think more than 90% of the rappers out right now.


Check out 1:28 in the second video.


I couldn’t understand his words either.

bada sa te ed canna gea a sa oh ed yea ka:rofl::looney::rofl:

I-Hop and I Hop…

Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

I was hoping and praying that someone would have stood up, battled him, and destroyed him.


The video itself wasn’t nearly as entertaining as the comments.

Yeah youtube has become nazitube:arazz:

… teh internet racists are coming out of da woodwork…

live by the gun and die by the gun lol

And what’s sad is that he’s the smartest Christian I’ve seen on youtube…ever. Nigga’s crazy son.