Crazy Buffalo Hoodie



How many people would buy this hoodie for $50


i would and more fuck i would even pay a 100 dollor


I think i’d rock it, dunno how much self-coercion it’d take to drop 50 bux on a hoodie though. Quality is top notch.


I want it, give it to me.

Although yes, probably for 40 bucks. Plus, its April in south-east Texas so I’m probably not gonna be wearing it any time soon. Looks awesome though.


i hella would


I’d do it, but it’s springtime now.


Nice. I’d imagine you’d get TAP’d on the street by randomers though. Can you make me a Blanka one? :slight_smile:


I rock the shit out of it. Where can I get one?


Sign me up for one


id rock it




The crazy buffalo hoodie is on sale for $127 because it’s hand made and shipping. If anyone wants one, go to and send $127.00 to Make sure you add your name, address, and tell us you want Crazy Buffalo hoodie.


Unfortunately I don’t make that much ‘fight money’. Good luck though.


You should probably put this in the trading outlet. I’m sure you would get more interested people there.


lol at $127, I hope you’re not planning on mass-selling these things at that awful price point.

You can buy a TE with that, or an ounce of coke, whatever way you roll.


awesome hoodie but good luck selling em for $127.


So you go from $50.00 to $127.00, dah fuck!?

Bring down dat price son!


well, that’s probably a bargain if it’s hand made, labor nor materials come cheap one at a time.


i’d buy an XL one for $50


Depends on quality. Can you post up higher resolution pictures for it? Most hoodies from retailers go anywhere from $40 to $60 price point. Something that’s uniquely hand made could go for a reasonable $70 to $90.

I don’t see myself paying more than $100 for any form of hoodie unless this is made out of really good material.