Crazy Capcom Collectibles! Arcade PCBs, Marquees, Memorabilia, and More!


I think I may have priced some of this stuff too high because I don’t want to part with it? I took a couple things off of the sale and price dropped the remaining things. Grouped all the sold stuff at the end to clean up the thread a little. If I removed something that you really want pm me.

If a price says shipped it means in the USA, contact me for International shipping rates. Please, paypal gift payments or add 4% for fees.

Let’s get on with it…

Ridiculously bad-ass Blanka art. $25 Shipped
This comes with Certificate of Authenticity and a coupon for CEI Collectibles. This is a Lithograph, not a regular print on flat paper. It measures 12"x18"

Happ Replica Over Under Coin Door (NOS) $50 shipped (shipping ground)

That’s it. Let me know if you have questions. Thanks for looking!


SF2 WW Monitor Bezel [SOLD]
SF2 CE Monitor Bezel [SOLD]
Complete RARE Set of 12 SF2 Coins (NOS) [SOLD]
CPS2 X-Men: Children of the Atom USA [SOLD]
CPS2 X-Men vs Street Fighter USA [SOLD]
CPS2 Stickers Set of 3: Darkstalkers, X-Men COTA, and Ring of Destruction (NOS) [SOLD]
2x X-Men COTA, Mercs, and a Neo Geo 1 slot Marquee. [SOLD]


Might be interested in the CvS cart, will get back to you later this week.


nice collection man thats a badass set of coins. are you looking for any trades or just cash?


Well, trades aren’t necessarily out of the realm of possibility… but I am specifically looking for cash to travel on. If you want to make me an offer on something I can’t refuse though, well then I won’t be able to will I?


Also, I have some stuff from my last sale still available.

The board feet ($5 12 packs) and the repro panel w/ sanwa parts ($100 shipped).


I’m getting the Token Set.
Let us do transaction.


Payment sent.

Now I only have $0.01 left in my Bank Account.

At least I hope I do.
Do not want Overdraft Fee. :sad:


Great stuff, very happy to see some of these again :]]]


Wow, its a good thing for you (I think?) you didn’t tell me that before you bought them. I would not have let you buy them :smiley:



Why would not you have let me buy?

Last week I bought a t-shirt for $30.
I only had $23, so I had to pay Fee.

Let me just say that the t-shirt is not worth $90!
He did say that I can pay the $7 later.


jdm I shipped out your coins yesterday. updated the thread with what has sold and what is still left.



Received item today.
Quick to ship.

Thank you for cool transaction.


Bevy of good stuff, jeez. Bump :tup:


oh man those coins were badass, i want that zangief…Where did you buy them? How much did you sell the coin set for?


rcaido, your avatar is really scaring me… does anyone have any pins I can borrow to hollow out my eyes with?

I am really sad to have sold those coins, they are sooo freaking sweet, lol. I hate to give up any part of my Capcom collection, but at least I’m saving the important game boards!


Removed a couple things and adjusted a few prices. There’s now 3 PCBs for $55 shipped! Open to serious offers at this point as well.


All sales have been great so far! only thing left now is the blanka art and the coin door. If I don’t hear anything from anyone I’ll consider this sales thread as done and I won’t be bumping it again. Thanks everyone!