Crazy Freds Wants You!

No more Wants You!

Place is dead.

sounds cool


i’m tellin ya frankie…these names are just popping outta me!

If you want some free casuals TODAY, come in! MVC2 on DC. Bring your own DC or PS2 controler. Going on till 6pm.

Do you get any regulars that show up or has anyone scheduled to appear? I might just go to check this place out, sounds cool and its something different. :wgrin:

sounds interesting hahaha, i think ill go tomorrow or something

why can’t crazy fred not be 200 miles away?

So sorry its too far for you. I think its great the owner is willing to offer what hes got, even though its a little small.

Greatest Avatar eVAARR!!

Checked this place out yesterday. Pretty cool there and i know the worked, he came over to my casuals before. Anyhow, i see this place picking up real soon whenever they decide to get that bigger lot down the street. Then we can have more games to host etc. Stay tuned…

post up for some third strike. i’m down.

Call the shop and post up here. I’ll be there.

Also, this Sat. 4/21/07 I can not show up. I’ll be at the SDCC for M:tg Future Sight Pre-release.

Tuesday evenings at Kadan(a Bar), they have Guitar Hero 1&2 for fun. No cover. 60" TV.

I might head down on friday. Anybody for 3s?

4/25/07 Wed. I’ll be in around 4pm. Show up if your interested in playing MvC 2, 3rd Strike, Tek 4&5. We will close around 9pm

My poor thread, damn. I was hoping peole would show up but, what gives? Oh well. Anyone know (and give the address please) of arcades in the L.A. area. I working up and need a place to relax at. I found All Amusement Fun Cennter and thats about it. Thanks!

No longer an issue

might check it out when i get my car running again. hasnt been running for 2 months or so

so this is like a comic store that has a tv available for anyone to play on? that’s freaking sick! i used to do that when tekken tag was popular at this anime store in paradise hills.

I live in the east county, so if anyone wants to play 3s over here post up and I’ll try and be there or arrange a gathering of some sort. ST and AC are some other games I’m down to show up for. pm me or post up. plus i can bring a tv.

Poor mudd club