Crazy HRAP

Wtf is this I don’t even…

Otomedius Gorgeous + Touchpad HRAP Hyper Stick Pro - eBay (item 310298751740 end time Mar-25-11 19:29:24 PDT)

I kind of want it…

its the other hyperstick its not for fighters look at the konami Appreciation thread, its not new tech talk peeps have talked about in detail in other threads is has a touch screen

Yes you do.
It calls to your soul.
It haunts your dreams.

I’ve been trying to get a hold of that stick for less than 15,000 JPY for my shmups(even though the game is region locked), for collection purposes because the touchpad is sorta useless(made only for Otomedius).

Other Otomedius related subject, if you got a VLX and want a Sega City layout and have $150 USD, you can hop on to Yaho Auctions Japan and pay 7,800 JPY for the panel and plexi-glass conversion kit and make it Otomedius themed:
???VLX? - jyo-customize