Crazy Is As Crazy Does: Juri Hit Box Video In Slo Mo

Hope this helps you plant 100% more stinky feet in fools faces, Juri players!

Good stuff overheat. These slow mo hitbox videos lets us learn a character at a much faster rate u crazy bastard!

When I play, I don’t even see the characters anymore, I just see hitboxes and hurtboxes. Maybe I’m the crazy bastard here…

HA! No, I’m pretty sure I’m clinical. Fortunately there is a nice man in an unmarked van that sells me lots of drugs to keep it under control. His prices are starting to get unrealistic though. How many more white babies does this guy think I can find?? They don’t grow on trees, you know.

OH YES and hitboxes. They are things. I’ve only got Rashid and Cammy (plus the Urinator in September) to go. KoFXIV isn’t helping my productivity though. I’ll try to split my time rationally between the two.

All silliness aside, I’m glad the hitbox videos are helping out. I’ll make sure to get the last of them done as soon as I can. If for no other reason, I seriously, really want to play more KoFXIV without having other things hanging over my head. Such as hitbox videos, neglecting my child, ignoring my pregnant wife…you know… the lesser things in life. :smiley: