Crazy Motorcycle Ride Are you crazy?

Are you crazy?, that was what my brother asked when I first decided to ride a motorcycle.

I do not know if the reason to that statement was the fact that I am young then and a girl at that or the connotation of danger attached to motorcycle driving. I understand his point. Perhaps he was thinking that is quite risky for me. Albeit his objection, I continue with my desire.

In driving motorcycles, Ive learned about a lot of things like managing risks, knowing the limits, keeping the focus, stopping, parking, swerving, taking care of my motorcycles maintenance and the likes. Ive practiced for almost six months and I was amazed with the results. It was overwhelming because I did not expect to learn it all in a short period.

I told myself this is more fun that I thought it would beIm grateful of my skills but I still do strugglepractice more to perfect the craft of driving!

My next adventure is to experiment on shopping for used motorcycle parts and performance motorcycle parts accessories for my bikeCant help wondering if i chose the right ones…hmmm

That guy and chick have huge balls. One mistake from death.