Crazy Music Skills

Just wow :


Your turn. :wink:

Post musicians that make your jaw drop . :slight_smile:


I could find tons, but this one gets me the most. I have enough nightmares trying to play this on my electric…

First, Antoine Dufour.
I met the guy last friday, I saw himw play and I talked to him. He’s incredible…and a great person too.

The part from 3:09 till the end gets me the most in this one.

And 2 older ones from him :

I would post all of his videos but I’m not sure I sould because there’s good chance nobody likes him…it would be a waste of time.

And here’s another one from [media=youtube]dhIf1uo1b34"[/media]. The percussion at the beginning makes me shit all over the from from excitement.

For those that like Final Fantasy :


I really never heard this song before, but I really dig it now.

He was decent.

But this will definitely make your jaw drop. Best bass player I’ve ever seen.

Victor Wooten:

Victor Wooten always impresses. That dude isn’t human!

I’m not a musician but this is pretty amazing looking to me

one handed bassist

Because I don’t understand it, I only heard the Seinfeld theme from it.:amazed:

Wooten playin’ that National Anthem was dope.

[media=youtube]QOb6JSQd-Qw"[/media] Does this count?

Also, [media=youtube]8kKHE-_wekU"[/media]

Don’t know if this counts. Raul Midon


Stanley Jordan. Saw him live playing the piano with one hand and a guitar with the other. However I cant find a video of him doing it.


The original bass guitar virtuoso, Jaco Pastorius:


Flight of the bumblebee is always amazing:




[media=youtube]gUij8FCg0z8&feature=related"[/media]. Yeah, a fucking trumpet. (wait till the end of the video, this guy is sick.

Looks like he passes out before the video ends haha.

I love these guys,

I don’t know if this counts but any music is music.

This is Larry Wright probably the most amazing street drummer you will ever see. Lots of links to see for yourself.



Sungha Jung

Jake Shimabukuro


Andy McKee

Oh My God, You rock so hard for posting that… I’d rep you If I could…

Wow. I’m glad this thread is still around. Now for something different :

Probably not for everyone, but it’s my favorite instrument.

Anoushka Shankar (Ravi Shankar’s daughter)

Some crazy ass bass dude :