Crazy nice SF3S match


:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

old but still nice

Ahh, my bad. Didn’t know that. But I still like it :karate:

Fucking awesome! Where was that from, just some casuals or a tournament or anything?

First time I saw that, and that was a hella good match. Just goes to show that picking a top tier doesn’t guarantee a win.

Poor Chun, however that parry into Gigas Breaker was pretty sweet.

I thought u hated 3s

i think he got into it after trying dudley out. btw nice av.

I’m not really sure. I just found it on another site and just decided to post it here.

If you checked the next vid of that series… Hugo got owned by that same chun-li.

If you want some HOT videos check out they just uploaded some nice matches. Bottom of the page is a download match tab to the left corner.

At one point Ken was fixing to get chipped to death by akuma’s regular air fireball cancelled into a SA1. To prevent this Ken parried just about the whole thing until Akuma did a hurricane kick to kill him while he was parrying the fireballs. :sad:

Check out the Ken vs Hugo vid on A-cho and you’ll see hugo’s nice finishing combo in round 1. 2 claps into a throw (ken is STUNNED)drop kick finish! Here comes the great part… 2 taunts by Hugo during the second round hahaha. :clap:

Cliff Notes: GO CHECK OUT THE LATEST A-CHO 3s VIDS! Too good

The funny thing is that it’s the same Hugo player in the A-Cho vids. <3 Hayao.

LOL this shit was too funny…since when did Hugo’s clap move negate fireballs???

I love that vid.

The precision is amazing, I wonder if he could have pulled that under pressure like Daigo did. That would be the ultimate Evo vid :tup:

How the hell do people find vids on a-cho??? Or am I like the only person on srk who can’t read Japanese?

OK, to that kens credit int he a-cho vids did everyone see how many times he was comboing the super off the UOH? There were some stupid set ups there and I dont know if was Hugo only or something…

Maybe BillyKane can explain some of this…

  1. J. forward in the corner -> UOH -> SAIII

  2. c.jabx2 -> walk back jsut a bit (?) -> SAIII

Does this shit work on everyone?

BBQ sauce,

on the bottom left of the page there is an image linkt hat says download match videos. :slight_smile:


You realize I said the same thing in my post… :confused:

Oh yeah and those UOH into SA3 was nice!

Oh, well… I’m lazy and there was too many sentences for me to read, so I just clicked the link.

Pretty sure it works on everyone, especially with ken SA III. You can also do it with Ryu SA I, I think maybe SA II as well. You either have to do it meaty like he did off j. forward, or hit with the tip like the c. jab x 2 setup.

Heh, as far as “nice” goes I’d have to vote for the one match from Shirube 2 selected matches, where YSB’s Hugo is nearly dead and the opponent (Remy) throws about 16 sonic booms at him, all of which he parries, then YSB jumps in, parries the Remy’s strike, and throws him :slight_smile: