Crazy people on your friends list?

So this guy (kiwiboy-1) was on my friends list for a while and I usually kick his ass, and he always bitches. I guess something snapped in him the other night and he went ape shit and unfriended me. I am no saint, I’ve gone off too but not at people on my own damn list.

Anyone ever have something like this happen over SF?

I got a guy who sends me recordings of him playing guitar over XBL

seems like a cool guy

The only name that rings a bell is MJames. He was all cool before one day he just snapped and started sending all kinds of rage mail. No matter how you play against him, he says “Fuck you bitch, all you do is the same thing.” So, sometimes I just grab him over and over until he leaves the room lmao.

Happens all the time for me, I won’t give names but some of the random people I accepted on my friend’s list will call me a turbo hacker because I can get consistant reversals and blah blah blah. I take it as a compliment though when someone tries to give me flak for winning with a regular 360 pad lol

^ Holy shit, I can’t even touch a 360 pad for Fighting games. Shooters feel great, though.

I get accused of using turbo all the time, despite the fact that I use a busted up PS3 controller missing L2/L1 with a very iffy D-pad.

Funny thing about turbo, I tried it and it doesn’t seem to help me. I am sure there are uses, but I think I mash faster than turbo can go, I’m not sure. It doesn’t feel fast enough. I can squeeze out Lightning Legs practically instantly usually.

jdmpk61 said he was gonna putvme “on blast” on SRK so I’m just putting this here preemptively. Dude was crying hard on mic cause I kicked his ass and after he got a final lucky win, he ran saying he was better because the score was 2-1. Such a coward, I really kicked his ass, I hope he really DOES come here to call me out.

You know, I used to believe the same thing because originally I played HDR on PS3. But after getting used to the 360 Dpad and breaking it in a little bit, it’s actually better for me and way more comfortable. Once you get good with it you can do 360’s on it so easily and throwing sh*t like hadokens and shoryus become a breeze. The gaps in the Ps3 pad just don’t feel all that great to me

^ Honestly, I have not given it much practice, so I guess maybe it could work…it’s better than any handheld at least. I can’t play on those at all for sure.

I just hope PS4’s DS4 makes Street Fighter feel natural; triggers are an issue for me, as are directional inputs.

I think for this next gen I will just break down and buy a stick already because from the looks of the X1’s controller it will no longer be a circle pad sigh lol