Crazy Pino: 3S Vid

2nd POPY Cup 3on3 HERE

thanks for the vid eric, pino > sugi imo.

btw do you have a name translation for the players?

Wow. That’s one scary ass Necro.

the quality is damn good !!! :wow:\

edit :

what a beautiful finale

the knock on pino is that he’s all offensive rushdown, although Necro isn’t exactly the best defensively, Pino cracks under offensive pressure as well. For as many wonderful ownage vids I’ve seen by him, I’ve also seen plenty of solid Ryu’s just smack the shit outta him.

PinoAB7 is too good, one of the flashiest player around. For sure, he seems to remember all the character-specific stun combos by heart.
The final one on Makoto was superb.

yeah agree , is a tough match ,mmm VS pino

PinoAB7 dealing with SAIII Yun is great.

edit: I don’t know how I missed the first time, I must be losing my mind, but that Yun drops that Genei Jin that looks really simple. Maybe there’s something I missed, so somebody clarify if I’m being a tard. Must’ve missed the button or something. Pino needs to stop picking on little kids. :karate:

Another thing I’ve noticed about Pino is that his best defense is his offense. Pino always parries or jabs someone out of there strings. He’s relentless! He has some of the best execution in the 3s world.

Thanks for the vid Xaero! :tup:


edit: mike is crazy

lol, that stun combo he did on Makoto was hilarious. what a jerk.

Cool never seen a Necro so well played.

Best Necro I’ve seen, wasn’t turtler either had a sick ass rush game, and that final stun combo, damn that was some hot shit.

I thought that there was only a 5 hit juggle limit in the corner/stun

nice ending tho

thats’ what i thought too…i watched it twice and there’s more than 6 hts…

thats what i thought as well.
can anyone clarify?

I’ve always wondered, why does he use SA1 instead of 3 against Yun?

Probably because SA1 has good damage against a dive kick. He keeps diving, then eats a SA.

Man…that last juggle combo on Makoto was just plain awesome.

Ringo, Poppoyaki, Jaiko vs PinoAB7, Bistachio (engrish?) and Kuroda. That’s a hell of a team, though, Necro, Twelve and Q…

Worked though, didn’t it?

Like they say, don’t knock it. Man’s exceptionally vicious.