Crazy T. Hawk at EVO vs Poongko



Sorry I gotta post this in the main forum it’s just too good to pass on.

This is the Hawk I’ve been going nuts trying to find. He’s REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY good.

(From the comments -Billy Lee Dragon took out KDZ, Sabre, and Japanese Sagat - RF. And that’s only the top players I overheard the judges talking about. as I walked by…)

The next day when asked, Poongko said his biggest challenge was Billy Lee Dragon, and that he now sees the T.Hawk/Seth matchup as 6-4.


Seth had like TWO health!!! goawdddddddddddddddddddddd


i salty a lot when he misses that ultra OMG


Confirmation-> Billy Lee Dragon did not play RF… RF was not in the same pool as Billy and KDZ. He played a third tier Sagat player from Japan: I confirmed this with KDZ today. That comment is utter bulshit. I am KUCMExperince on youtube its my school account… I responded with this to some kid who thinks im stupid or something

@TEEN1DOL 3:09 that was a mash 360 and he got lucky. Jump roundhouse from Seth cannot be reversald as a clean punish. Poongko did crouch short immediatly after. Unless Billy has Momochi reaction; he would never of known that he would of done a short; He guessed.
4:03 He buffered 720
4:43 Mashed out ultra; IN A SITUATION THAT YOU DONT NEED TO MASH You have a obnoxious life lead against a seth… =/ He chokes because he dosent know how to turtle
Ill body this hawk 10-0 name your price

I watched this match over and over and the only thing I was come down to is that Billy is a moron.

Billy made so many mistakes in that match. I could nit pick this match Ill do it if someone wants me to… Mainly Billy let Poongko do what ever he wanted; Mainly jump, whole match and did nothing about it. I dont know if he had the reaction or just the pressure of playing Poongko but Poongko played piss poor and Billy did nothing about except choke.


IN this match; Here is some news for you and Billy Lee Dragon- Stand Strong is anti air for neutral jumps at point blank vs the entire cast apparently I have not said this enough. =/


I don’t want to insult anyone for playing in a tournament and making mistakes, like cocky Joe Lewis. However I have to agree with what he said above. There was no reason to go impatient so many times, after he screwed up the first time he should’ve learned from it. Otherwise pretty solid play, nothing that special though.


I agree there.

His defense sucked. Kept playing overly aggressive and let seth control the pace of the match. Billy kept throwing out badly placed condor-spires, no capitalization on knockdown (zero safe jumps or O~S), missed a metric ton of anti-air possibilities. He easily could’ve dashed under SPD-ed a lot of his jump-ins.

Poongko trained him on doing a few normal jump in block strings then pretty stomped all over doing tick SPD’s. I can easily go on…

but the point being is that Billy wasn’t playing very good. Even if it wasn’t poongko, it’d still be a lousy match…


The matchup isn’t 6-4, but I think is something like 10-0.:slight_smile:
Poongko didn’t play the matchup, with a full rush is probably 6-4, but with zoning, HP, hado, shoryu is more like 10-0.

Anyway it was a good match.


lol pongkoo controled the game like 99% of the matchs on this evo he midfucked everyone i dont blame billy lee for his mistakes


Joe Lewis I’ll take a paypal bet if you can beat him best of 10 I’ll send you $10. We gotta figure out how to set it up. He plays on PSN.


Im not insulting him. I’m pissed off for him more than anything else. Its like when I look at my break replays and all of them I play like shit. Fact of the matter if Billy did not take advantage of Poongko playing like its Xboxlive vs him and Billy just sat there and said “Ok…hes jumping im not doing to do anything about it like anti air him… but ill show him a Back dash spd look” If you notice Billy does that once and gets away with it and then he gets blown up because he keeps doing it. My thing is that he was just not playing smart…at…all… He did some clutch things and made some good guess but he was just not playing smart. Poongko was in control of that match because in the matchs that were not close he just ran a train through him. Then billy just cracked match 3. =/ Im frustrated for him knowing that it was a completely winnable situation and for some reason he does not do what I think he should of done: CHILL THE FUCK OUT.

I hope he goes to Summer Jam or something; Is he west coast? We need a best T.Hawk mirror the only Thawks I play that are high Level is iMatt and Koji mabye once a week when he actually accepts my invite. I need more IRL Thawk matches because I talk A LOT OF SHIT and then when the situation I would play whoever I blow up IRL happens, it breaks down, most notably Iperu.

Imatt is secretly smart; I did not know this :wink: This was what was making me frustrated.

Its the same shit I do outline. You can counter condition people when you play like crap. In a way you can say he was counter conditioned. I don’t understand why people dont play that Turtle Hawk… I do it…I love it but I hate this game so that may have more to do with it. Its OK to not play this game


I don’t think a Thawk mirror is the way to go for a FT10. Since you guys are making a bet, have Billy use Thawk and Joe use a variety of characters to test him. Joe can use Thawk too for some games. just my opinion.


Hung you gotta play this dude…


I am always open to play anymore. I just hate PSN though, it lags way too much to have semi enjoyable games.


I agree with Hung.

It’s pretty difficult to determine who is the better Hawk with a mirror match. I think it would only show who’s more knowledgeable in the mirror. If Joe has a pretty decent Seth, I think that would be a much better test.

Or perhaps you can invite a really good Seth to the lobby and see who performs better between the two Hawks.


Well, you did call him a moron. I think we should show other Hawks more respect than name calling.

Besides, not being good at SF doesn’t make someone a moron. For instance, my dad’s a pretty smart guy…but I’m pretty sure he’s horrible at SF. :smiley:


DR RAY was the one who knocked RF into losers.


not to stir anything up with negativity, but he was called a moron because he made some really bad reads.

Kind of like if you cut somebody off in traffic, you’ll probably hear somebody yell you’re a fucking moron.

Just clarifying the context here :stuck_out_tongue:


lol, the fact of the matter is that he was a chip away from knocking poongko into losers. Whether you guys wanna call it smart play or not, it wouldnt have mattered if he won or lost because only billy knows what he was thinking or going for.

In the end, one of your own (out of such slim pickings) did exceptionally well in a seriously difficult match up, likely did exponentially better than 99% of you, and all you guys can do is call the dude a moron and shit on his accomplishment. No “congrats fellow t.hawk, good hustle”, nothin.

I don’t think the “keep it classy, srk” meme has ever been more appropriate.


lol… These guys are funny. I would LOVE to see how their T. Hawk matches up vs Poongkos Seth. Everyone talking about mistakes being made… ITS FUCKING POONGO, you know the dude who perfected Daigo and took 3rd in the whole tournament. Billy played amazing and all these trolls talking shit seriously don’t understand that.