Crazy xbox to ps2 adapter question

Ok now this may sound crazy, but I was wondering what the possability would be to reverse-engineer a ps2 to xbox adapter to act as an xbox to ps2 adapter?

Has anyone tried this before and had any results that would help me out with this little idea? Or heck, does someone just make one?

well to be honest i actually made one a while ago but it didn go very well… i actually took a male side of a ps2 extension cord and put it on the output side of the converter…so then it worked as a short extension… and then i changed the input female side by cracking the tip of the xbox controller(all the tips are just a USB) and i tryed getting it to work but the left analog and triggers i couldn get to go…mayb a voltage problem since i believe xbox requires more than ps2

maybe you could give me some more info on this? i don’t really need the triggers or the analogs. maybe this could work for me. do you stil got it around?

well the main reason i cant get this to work is that ps2 have double grounds… ps2 controllers are 2 complicated for me to try somethin like this… prolly y there isnt any converters already out there that i can find like this… ill look for it and see if i didn throw it out… if not ill draw some quik pictures and diagrams if u still want to know

Thanks so much.
But actually I found a place overseas that is making them and selling them online. It took a lof of searching though, must not be in high-demand:)

hey man if get one that works well lemme know cuz i will want one too… i been tryin to make one for my friend that never stops bitchin on how the xbox controller is better than ps2 for games that are like FPS and stuff

It was a UK company called Console Plus. Here is the link to the item…

I bought one, when it comes in I’ll tell you how it works for me:)

beautiful man yeah seems like they have the analog sensitiveity problem i was facing down … but yeah just lemme know when u get it so i can get one if its worth it

ok I will. Hopefully it will get here real soon. I’m itch’n to use it.

Ok it came in, and it works great. I experienced no problems or lags or whatever. Worked like a charm.

beautiful… thanks nasci im sure gonna get one now.
oh yeah im also still lookin for some good megaman scans… i just need to find some higher quality ones. ill get back to you on that too

that would be awesome. let me know if you can’t find any and maybe I’ll look around as well then for you.

okai man i finally got mine in the mail… damn it works like a charm. cant thank you enough for recommending it to me. ive only used it on a basic S control but when i build a xbox joystick ill atleast have it ready for that. but its mainly for the FPS games on ps2 because ps2 controller sux for FPS.

awesome! glad it worked for you as well!!!

Thanks for this thread, guys. I perfer the Xbox’s d-pad and superior analog sticks over the PS2’s shitty segmented d-pad and etc any day of the week. :tup:

Sorry about the negative comments towards the PSX/PS2 pads, but I never really liked them and hate how Sony never really strayed too far from their design of the damn things. :tdown:

no problem, i highly suggest one of these… so responsive… ahhh