Creaky Sanwa Help

Hey there, couldn’t find any appropriate thread to post this in, figured I’d start my own. :china:

The washer on my sanwa stick came loose, so I opened up my SE and glued it down. Unfortunately I got a little glue in the socket and had to take the whole thing apart to acetone and re-lube it. I used plumber’s silicone grease.

Now after cleaning and re-lubing it feels fine for a while and then starts to creak a little bit near the corners of the square. The creaky spot doesn’t really shift around, maybe that means it’s something other than the ball/socket itself. Also, my current dust washer setup is not flush up against the shaft like the stock parts so I guess some dust could be getting in there. However last time I opened it up there wasn’t much crud to be found, so /shrug.

My question is, what are the most common causes of a joystick gumming up like that? Exactly where in the assembly is lube supposed to go and what kind of lube is generally agreed upon to be the best?