Creamy Climax: Sakura Ultra 2 Setups

Setups known to me thus far. If I find out about more I’ll post it here. Basic combos with basic jump in starter.

Shinkuu Hadoken - PPP (Horizontal)
Shinkuu Tengyo Hadoken - KKK (Diagonal anti-air)

Max Damage: 329

Anti Air

U2 (kick version)

  • Should be done by the time they reach the peak of their jump.

329 dmg

lp shouoken > U2 (recommended)

  • Easier than the above because you get a hit confirm and if you miss the shouoken you are usually out of harms way because it recovers quickly and you are at a safe distance and probably didn’t get hit by the jump in aswell.

279 dmg

Combos > c.hp > Ex tatsu > U2 (Recommended)

  • Same setup as ultra 1 but you don’t need to dash forward. Learn the timing for the kick version and punch version in mid screen and corner. It is slightly different. If you do it too early then some characters will bounce out of the ultra. Too late and it might miss entirely.

** If you use the punch version wait until they begin to fall otherwise some hits may whiff. The less hits in the combo the better because of damage scaling.

465 dmg

Corner Only

Shouoken > U2 (Recommended)

  • Can be any variation of shouoken but timing is more lenient on lp version plus you get less damage scaling with the lp version because its less hits.
    On the ground I prefer to poke with buffer into shouoken because it hits low and if its blocked and I have meter I can FADC out of the shouken before I get punished. Best results from c.hp. C.hp has a start up of 4 frames and forces stand. > > lp shouoken > U2 (Kick version) 443 dmg (easy) (Recommended) > c.hp > lp shouoken > U2 (Kick version) 473 dmg (easy) (Recommened) > > mp shouoken > U2 (Kick version) 467 dmg (hard) - strict timing (Not recommended) > c.hp > mp shouoken > U2 (Kick version) 497 dmg (hard) - strict timing BEST DAMAGE (Not recommended) > > hp shouoken > U2 (Kick version) 415 dmg (moderate) - not full ultra (Not recommended) > c.hp > hp shouoken > U2 (Kick version) 445 dmg (moderate) - not full ultra (Not recommended) > > EX shouoken > U2 (Kick version) 435 dmg (moderate) - not full ultra > c.hp > EX shouoken > U2 (Kick version) 465 dmg (moderate) - not full ultra

  • If you use the hp or ex shouoken some hits will whiff on the ultra. Could be character specific though. Timing is strict on mp version. Not recommended. Certainly not worth the hassle. Easier on ex version but does less damage than lp version. On the other hand you have more time to fadc out if you have meter and ex shou is blocked. If the opportunity for ex version presents itself take it!

Late Air tatsu > U2 (Kick version) (Recommended)
*This one is good because you know it only works in the corner. You can buffer the ultra input while doing the air tatsu and if it hits you ultra if not you have a few options e.g. throw, backdash or neutral jump. Its a nasty setup after a corner knockdown as you can jump in with the air tatsu or do a neutral jump tatsu. hk version seems to stay active for longer in the air and hits tall opponents like Sagat everytime. With shorter characters you have to do the tatsu really late when you are almost head height with them.

lk, mk, hk = 314 dmg
EX = 344 dmg


EX hadoken > EX Sakura Otoshi > U2 (Kick Version) (Not recommended)

  • Must be full screen distance. Corner only. Let the Otoshi hit whiff. The last hit of ultra whiffs (maybe character specific?). Wastes Two EX Bars.

319 dmg

EX Hadoken > FADC >U2 (Punch Version) (Not recommended)

  • There is really no reason to use this one as it wastes 3 bars of ex meter when you could just go with ex tatsu for less meter and more damage. It is really flashy though. Can be done anywhere on screen but last ultra hit whiffs (character specific?). Its a combo finisher so combo into the EX Hadoken with a C.hp, or jump in attack.

EX Hadoken > FADC >U2 319 dmg > c.hp > EX Hadoken > FADC >U2 435 dmg

Video by Obey:


Videos by freetgy



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I’m pretty sure you get 3 hits after HP and EX Shou. 4th hit of HP Shou (and second part of EX) causes knock down, 5th and 6th juggle putting the Juggle Count (JC) from 0 to 2. Shinkuu Hadouken has JP 1-2-3-4-5 on each consecutive hit, in this case the first two hits will miss because the JP is not larger than the JC and the last three hits will land.

I also don’t see how the normal at the start of the combo makes any difference to how hard it is to land, they’ll be in the same place regardless.

Nice compilation, but on a block air tatsu there’s no reason for Sakura to tech a throw because she’s as much + on block as Viper’s air flame kick is in vanilla.
On the contrary she should try for a throw or stuff a throw tech in that situation.

EX Hado, u2 in the corner without fadc should be added to the list as well!

Well it seemed much harder for me to do so I put hard. I didn’t understand the rest of your post. Maybe I’ll just edit it to say hits whiff?

Well I was just listing a few options if its blocked. I tried the EX Hado > U2 in corner just now and I haven’t been able to land it on sagat or chun-li. Let me know if you can or if its character specific and how much dmg it does and I’ll add it. Also say if its (k) or § version. ta.

Now updated with jump in combos.

Only if they made Sakura’s U2 a bit more damaging i would really be happy.

I get good matches here n’ there with the U2 setup. Likewise the damage is not great but it is easier to pull off than the U1.

And to Mr. Flowers thanks for ideas and setups :slight_smile:

Wow, her > c.hp > mp shouoken > U2 timing is really strict ;O. Kind of reminded me of Sagats old EX tiger uppercut into ultra >_>

I loveex fireball > focus cancel > dash forward > ultra 2 .

Yeah it is up there and you miss the first hit :frowning:

9 posts in and no one remarks the title and makes stupid jokes about it?Did you guys even read the title and didn’t think about something…well…imature :)) ?

Updated. Added the word ‘only’ so that it now says ‘corner only’ in case people miss it. Also a touch up on the notes in the corner only section.

I got the creamy climax thing from one vid Generalvivi had where he was going crazy on a Abel player on his Quest to G1. Since I found out Sakura was getting Shinkuu I’ve been calling it that


Credit to Generalvivi

XD! i feel so loved

its not really a new setup but it is for a different purpose
Corner near only:
EX Shou (Punish) -> U2

example at the end:

anyone got a vid of EX Fireball>FADC>Ultra2 ?

couldn’t manage to connect it yet.

Any tips on how to do the EX Hadouken, FADC, U2? I’ve tried using the motion input of the U2 (two QCFs) to count as the two forwards of the FADC - it does DC the FA but it doesn’t seem to help me get the U2 out in time

use kick version

The kick version is slightly faster on start up but I do it fine with the Punch version. I even recommended using the punch version. Its easy to do. Do it with the same timing you would do a FA crumple > foward dash > U1

I’ve done it with the punch version, maybe you’re just not dashing out of the FADC fast enough? Might be a distance thing, try it with c.MK xx EX Hadouken rather than a bare point blank EX Hadouken.

Edit: I tested at what kind of ranges EX Hadouken > Shinkuu Hadouken works, seems to be just outside of c.MK range and up to about 2/3 screen away if you’re fast enough. Shinkuu has some pretty chunky hit boxes it seems.

Also a fun, but useless, exercise to do: Set dummy to jump and catch him in the air with a s.HP, cancel into fully charged Hadouken, which will hit him in air and cause knock down. Follow up quickly with Shinkuu Hadouken (regular anywhere on the screen) for creamy climax :rofl:

hey, for the corner shou -> U2, which version should you use, PPP or KKK? I’ve been trying PPP and having limited success… i think im not actually all the way in the corner tho… would it be better to do the Klan version since it’s faster?

kkk because it has a faster start up

Great video, I have so much to learn about Sakura.