We need your input and creative talents. So we are running the Create a Character Contest in which the character will appear in the Battle Action Force Comic.

The winners’ Character will appear in the Battle Action Force Comics and the winner will be chosen by a poll on the forums /site when the contest expires on July 15th

Here is what you need to do

  1. Color the following Data File here:

  2. You will need to create a code name, speciality, birthplace, and short BIO for your character and place it on the actual Data File , For an example take a look at these Data files :




Foxhound ( Coming soon )

  1. You will need to also make and submit a File Card ( Using file card creator ) Examples in the links above ( must be same colors and using the Action Force logo ) Joecustoms File Card creator is here:

  2. Post the Data file, File card and if you want a short Bio on the character here in this thread at :

the contest will run from Today till the 15th of July, Then the thread will be closed. At that time another thread containing a poll will be opened for everyone to vote on

Here are some rules,

  1. No limit on the amount of submissions

  2. If you want to alter the image ITS OKAY ! but the basic uniform of the character cannot be changed drastically. It has to remain basically the same. If you want to add something like camo or a skar, or sunglasses or some other small thing its okay!! or if you want to take something out of the picture its okay so add or subtract all you want basically (If you look at the 3 images above-- Leopard, Nightingale, Seagull and Soon Foxhound---- you will see some examples, notice how the scenes go from snow to sand and the amount of people in them and other small changes like that ).

  3. You must post it at and the link for the thread below for it to be considered

  1. You must add ONE of the following Four pieces of info to your bio ( but not more than one )

A. Last name must be Heron


B. Men refer to him as the Sarge ( however please draw some Sgt stripes on his arm on the DATA FILE )


C. Last name must be Starling


D. Code name must be RAVEN

Thats all I think!!

Thank you all for your help on this project now get creating !!!

Blood for the Baron !!!