Create a Comprehensive HDR Wiki and Character Strategies

As I have realized, most of the ST information is assimilated with the HDR information and new strategies have emerged and new ones were removed. I take a look at the wiki and I see old strategies like safe jumping corner trap and I see a HDR change list on the same page. People need to get the ball rolling for the HDR character guides on the shoryuken wiki, ST and HDR are almost the same game with HDR being an entirely new iteration on the title. Like Championship Edition and Vanilla ST are both “street fighter II” but they are completely different. It would be quite easy to start a HDR homepage on the wiki, just take the info for Vanilla ST and put it on the HDR page plus include a change list.

Then post new strategies, and the old ones that still work, thats the first priority if people SRK would be willing to donate all the info they have about HDR thus far. Id be glad to donate the information I know towards a HDR Fei Long character guide if a section was created. Eventhubs is all Street Fighter 4 and no one who plays HDR seems to want to donate information so its bare.

If I wanted to get someone into HDR and they wanted to learn some dominate character specific strategies I could just point them to the SRK wikipedia, instead of telling them to go to the SRK strategy forums looking and thousands of pages of text with strategies in bits in pieces mixed in with character discussion and theory that may or may not help.

Although I dont get why people do not want to donate information for beginners trying to learn the game. How much pride do you get out of winning over and over against someone who doesnt even know the game. It’s like trying to say you would rather win against a 5 year kid than Daigo or Afrolegends, and if you feel that way about winning versus losing then you should feel bad about yourself just my opinion though.

So my main points about forums over wiki are these.

  1. More people would be willing play HDR if they have an idea of what works and what doesnt in one spot instead of hundreds. Also players that know why they lost complain less. In both SF:4(sold it after i bought it for ps3) and HDR, people who did not know counters to tricks that i knew often complained about something being cheap simply due to the fact of them being unfamiliar about it(when i say this i mean common strategies. ST wiki covers some things but not everything. Also some of these things have been removed which makes some of the info useless or less relevant.

2.HDR Wiki is more convenient than a forum because it is requires searching through one thousand pages of text, in addition to making it nearly impossible to find a particular character topic. Like how does x character beat y character.

  1. Often people who post in the forums use jargon because they are well-experienced with the game. Like if i said, ToD combo, some would know that it is an acronym for touch of death which means it does high damage and is will most likely dizzy your opponent, repeating it again is instant death. Others are thinking who the hell is Todd.

Well thats just my stance, HDR wiki for teh win lol.