Create a DS Character!

So I’m really bored and kinda feel like drawing right now. Also just want to keep DS (DarkStalkers) things out there to support a cool franchise.

So how about this:

  1. Come up with a character that would fit in to the game(some kinda monster, you know)
  2. Make a background story for him if you want, doesn’t have to be big
  3. don’t go into detail on how he would play. But some drawings or sketches of specials and such do fine

I was thinking about making a character related to Morrigan like a brother or cousin. But basically an Incubus(how ever the hell you spell that), then I thought that might not be a good idea. So I was thinking I should go with a werewolf character. Yeah Talbain is cool but another one wont hurt.

So what do you think, Werewolf or Incubus?

alright, I’ll get to work. Anybody else feel like creating a character?

Tentacle Demon.

You mean like Shuma G? Yeah, that would be cool.


I meant like Urotsokidoji. Or LA Blue Girl. Certainly would fit in the DS universe.

Um, well…whatever floats your boat…I guess?

Megumi or Amano Jaku for teh Win!!!

I was going to say “Midnight Bliss Beelezebub,” but Q-Bee fills that role already.

So, Midnight Bliss Baal, with cute curly horns and shit. Baal is an old Hebrew word which meant “lord,” so many many dieties were called “Baal.” But the general Baal that we recognize today is kinda like the one from Diablo II and La Pucelle/Disgaea; big burly demon with horns. The Christian antiquity Baal was this thing with a human, frog and cat head, but that’s not nearly as cute as say a full-bodied cow-girl.

How about a Egyptian babe who uses wind and sandstorms as her primary forms of attack, with various Egyptian gods as supers?