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Let get creative here guys, I would like to hear your ideas for a fatality, you never know they might include it in their next MK release. lets start with subzero

Fatality 1: Ice Decap
Subzero walk up to the opponent and grips the opponent face with his fist, he then proceeds to freeze his head and then squeezes it squashing his head into icy bits. the rest of the body collapse to the ground.

Fatality 2: Fatal slip
Subzero stands half screen from the enemy, he proceeds to form an ice spike wall, then freezes the floor around so that its slippery, he then walks to the opponent, grabs him by the hand and tosses him towards the spike wall, the opponent tries to stop but the slippery floor just slides him towards the ice spike wall. and splat, the opponent impales himself


Fatality1 sinful sercret:
syndel comes up to your ear tells you something optimistic while she is explaining here sexy secret she jams a sharp needle through your neck and takes out you spine and pose with it :wink:
Fatality 2: Syndels night stand:
she wraps here hair around you screen turns black and performs a sexy demon rage


Fatality 1:
Kabal spins his opponent, spins him a second time increasing the speed, spins him for a third time. Then the holds the opponent who is about to puke, Kabal proceeds to cover the mouth and slits his throat and the puke gushes out mixed in blood.

Fatality II
He stabs the victim through the head, yanks the hook blade 3 times and let it go, he walks out of the screen, speeds in and pulls his hook blade plus the victims head


Fatality: Blood Red
Skarlet walks up to her opponent and grabs them into a kissing position. As they kiss she dissolves into blood and her opponent is forced to swallow her, kind of like Reptiles fatality when he opens his opponents mouth and spits in it. Anyway her opponent trembles in fear because she/he doesn’t know what just happened to them. She rematerializes into blood spikes from with in her opponent. The spikes push out. So like one spike from the forehead. Her apponant falls to the ground and she dematerializes back into her normal form.

Fatality 2: Blood Bending
Controlling the blood with in her opponent, Skarlet forces her opponent to kneel before her. Skarlet takes a step back, runs up to her opponent and kicks their head off. Maybe her opponents head could splat.


Sheesh, wow! Awesome


Fatality 1:
She brings out her fan blades and performs the air carry move. She keeps this up for 5 seconds lifting the victim higher and higher, then let’s them drop. SPLAT

Fatality 2
She tosses her fan blades at the opponent skull and the victim evades them, heaving a sigh of relieve he turn around only to find another set of fan blades hurling towards him and taking his head off. Kitana looks at the screen and gives out a mysterious laugh


Fatality 1:
Scorpion shoots his chain through the victims chest, and controls it so that the spear end continues to pierce various portions of the body until it is bloody and embedded throughout the opponent’s form. Still connected to the chain, Scorpion then sets the chain on fire (setting the victim on fire as well) and yanks on it, forcing stress upon the chains punctured throughout the opponent’s body and causing them to explode into a bloody mess of limbs and flesh.

Fatality 2:
Scorpion takes off his mask to reveal his skull face, but instead of simply burning the victim alive, he aims and breaths fire upon the lower half of the opponent, melting their legs and lower torso into a red puddy on the ground until they look like someone buried in sand up to their stomach. Assuming the victim is still alive, Scorpion walks up and shoves one of his swords through the victims head and into the ground behind, essentially pinning them there and killing them.

I’m gonna love this thread. :coffee:



Fatality: Spit It Out
Mileena walks up to her opponent in a forgiving manner and apologizes. She and her opponent hug for a couple of seconds. She then knees her opponent in the crotch,slashes her opponents eyes with one of her Sai blades blinding them. She then takes a deep bite into her opponents neck ripping their head off. The headless body falls to the ground and she spits the head out.

Fatality2: Megalodon
Mileena pushes her opponent to the ground. She then sits on top of her opponent in a cowgirl style. Lol you know what I’m talking about. She shouts out bleed. She then rips her mask off and start taking huge bites out of her opponents torso. Nom nom nom nom. She says tasty and then spits out some of the blood on her opponent and then gets up. Megalodon is the biggest shark to have ever lived with the tightest bite of any animal if you didn’t know. Do you have Mortal Kombat on the ps3?


Fatality 1: nano terror
Sektor pops his chest open and send out a missile that gets to the opponent and drops like a DUD, then nanites like ants emergies from the missile and crawls over the opponent getting under their skin, the opponent tries to shake them off but no luck next the nanites explode from inside taking the legs the hands the torso and then the head.

Fatality 2
Sektor tries to shoot a rocket but discoverss that he’s out of rockets, he proceeds to yank off his own head and tosses it at the opponent and it goes boom. A headless sektor walks away looking for how to navigate to base


Nice implementation of the Slipknot reference. :tup:

Sadly no, I’m on Xbawks.


Good idea man. This thread needs to be sent to Ed Boon.


Lol! Yeah


Fatality 1: a new life
Reptile walks up to his opponent, rips open the mouth and vomits eggs into him. As the victim tries to feel his tummy obviously in pain he falls to the floor and something bites through his stomach. A baby reptile!!!

Fatality 2
Reptile crawls and bites his victims ankle, next the victim starts to convulse as a result of the venom cursing through his veins, the camera zooms xray towards the victims heart showing his heart beat slowing down to a halt.


Hmm I wonder what ermac fatality will be


Dunno I think Ermac is over used. Never liked him


Liu Kang

Fatality 1 - For The White Lotus:****
Liu Kang ignites his foot with Dragon Fire and kicks his opponent’s heart out through his back. As his opponent falls over on his/her back, Kang jumps into the air and stomps down on his/her head, crushing it. (And yes, it’s an homage, lol)

Fatality 2 - Dragon’s Dinner:
Liu Kang transforms into the iconic dragon and sets his opponent on fire. As his/her flesh burns off, Kang chomps down on the top half of their body, leaving the bottom half to fall to the ground, still burning.


Fatality 1
Cyrax shoots his net which covers the victim, the victim struggles to get free, the more he struggles the tighter it gets till it rips him to shreds.

Fatality 2
Cyrax initiates the self destruct sequence,the victim sees him counting down and runs of only for Cyrax to teleport to him and hug him tightly, both explode.


That second one is actually hilarious, lol!


Kung Lao
Fatality 1
Kunglao walks up to the opponent, takes his hat and swish swish swish and places his hat back, and watched the opponent as he walks away only to crumble 5 feet away from Kung Lao

Fatality 2
Kung Lao slits his opponents throat and leaves the hat there, walk behind and kicks him in the skull, the victim lands face first and the head decaps and the hat bounces to Kung Lao and he does a stylish pose


Fatality 1
Rain summons strenght and envelopes the oponent in a water bubble, the opponent struggles for air and after a while stops struggling, Rain dumps the drowned victim to the ground, water seeping throught his nose, ears, mouth etc

Fatality 2
Rain summons water and creates a puddle around the opponent, he steps a few steps back and summons lightening to strike the water, electrocuting the opponent.