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fatality1:And BOOM goes the dynamite
he throws 3 bombs [1 at a time] at his/her face, stomach, and legs and they start smoking killing the opponent then the bombs blow up making sure the opponent is killed

fatality 2: bomb decap
spears his opponent close to him then, he slams a bomb on their head and kicks them away,and their head blows up


Fatality1: nut cutter
Cage starts brutally punching his/her balls until he finally splits his opponent in half

Fatality 2:brutality
he starts to repeatedly combo their face. Then, boxing their chest. then, decapitates them =-)3


Fatality 1: steam roller
Blaze rolls back and forth on the opponent to death

Fatality 2: finishing pound: he pounds the ground 3xs ( 1 time each ) 1st time the opponent stumbles. The second time they bounce a little. 3rd time they fly very high then they fall and their head blows off from fall damage on the skull


fatality 1: use the force
he uses the tektunike slam, but he flings him in the air then he watches them die

fatality 2: "whopsy!"
Kenshi lifts up his opponent then rips them in half