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Self-explanatory, being the fan fiction section.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Jin Kazama/Devil Jin
Ling Xiaoyu
Wang Jinrei
Asuka Kazama
Baek Doo San
Steve Fox
Nina Williams/Anna Williams
Feng Wei/Lei Wulong
Paul Phoenix/Marshall Law
Forrest Law
Kazuya Mishima/Lee Chaolan
Bruce Irvin
Julia Chang
Roger Jr.

Heihachi/Jinpachi Mishima

Customizable character outfits
Multi-tiered, fully interactive arenas
New online fighting
All your favorite characters
New graphics engine from Tekken 6
All your favorite characters
Special Arcade History Mode, collecting Tekken 1, 2, and 3

I used to do things like that all the time when i was younger. Anyway, if i were to talk about mine, i’d have to go through writing up loads of char profiles, coz i usually make chars up in my current ones (just the hope of one day publishing them).

Street Fighter: Reinvisioned
Story- This 3D, Dead or Alive-styled Street Fighter game has all the characters of Street Fighter 1, Alpha 3, and Street Fighter 2 Super Turbo. With multi-tiered arenas, new character outfits, and more, this game has the most fully featured fighting system since Dead or Alive Ultimate and Tekken 5, with more frills than you would expect. This tells the story of the Street Fighter games with all the special moves mixed with realistic fighting and amazing voice acting.

Multi-tiered, interactive arenas
All the special moves mixed with realistic, motion-captured fighting
Next-gen graphics styled like Dead or Alive 4
New costumes for each character
Intertwining storylines
Every arena from the series, rendered in 3D
A tag-team mode

Ryu/Evil Ryu
Chun Li
Akuma/Shin Akuma
Dan Hibiki
Fei Long
Dee Jay
Sheng Long

i like the idea of a new Tekken Tag, but i’m not sure heihachi and jinpachi would be a good boss character, yeah they’d be super hard, but i think you should get a little more creative for a boss character. Tekken Tag 1 had a single boss character (no tag character) so i think staying with that would work well

just gotta think of who the boss could be… Jinpachi’s wife maybe? [shrug] i bet she’s super powerful… and hairy for some reason :tup:

as for the character list, new systems should be able to handle more characters

Devil Kazuya
Jun Kazama would be kule even if just a palette swap

I think there is a Tekken Tag 2 in Japan. There are the Raven twins, Ultimate Unknown & Omega Heihachi (looks like Mundus from Devil may cry 1). Omega Heihachi looks like a combination of Heihachi, Jinpachi, True Ogre & Devil, so its all the bosses combined basically. I can see him entering the canon stage of Tekken in the very last game, if there is going to be a very last game.

That SF plan looks interesting too. If Capcom released something like that involving all canon chars, i’d probably get it.

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Book 1-Water
Story- Based on the Nickelodeon anime(Yes, they have an anime, now, which I strongly promote), this is about Aang’s battle against the now-corrupt Fire Nation, after he awakened from a 100 year sleep in an iceberg. Aang, Katara, and Sokka are trying to defeat the Fire Lord and are learning new skills, as they go along. However, is Aang’s power enough to defeat the Fire Lord Ozai? And will Prince Zuko, a secondary protagonist/antagonist, capture the Avatar and return from exile?

-DBZ:Sparking-style cel-shaded graphics
-Multi-tiered arenas and tag-teaming
-Anime cutscenes from the show in an interactive story mode, Avatar Evolution
-In Avatar Evolution, play as Aang and see how he fights Firebenders and evolves into the Avatar
-Gain new items to use for upgrading your characters, along with new skills
-Fully explorable world and a story mode with action/adventure/RPG elements
-All the great voice acting
-Bending Tournament allows you to fight other warriors in a tournament-styled combat arena
-Alternate fighters for you to fight as

Aang/Avatar Roku/Older Aang
Katara/Unleashed Katara/Older Katara
Sokka/Sokka the Wise/Older Sokka
Prince Zuko/Blue Spirit/King Zuko
Uncle Iroh
Commander Zhao
Jong Jong/Chey
Hei Bai

Yeah, I know it’s a small amount of characters, but the show’s only in its first season. This game would follow the first season and Fire Lord Ozai would only be a behind-the-scenes character, as he has yet to be revealed. Only his voice has been heard in Episode 12, the Storm. He’s voiced by Mark Hammil, who did Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Eps 4-6 and the Joker on Batman: The Animated Series and Justice League(At least four episodes of the series.)

Bending is a big part of fighting, as it will be used for many things. You can defeat any enemy with it and there is 360 degree martial arts, as the environments are fully explorable. In the story mode, you play the fighting game style, which allows you to fight enemies around you in third-person mode. Also, you can upgrade your character through training, in this mode. Aang is the coolest, because he knows Airbending, Firebending, and Waterbending.

The Travels to the West
Story- In a mystical version of the world derived from far Eastern elements, magic, martial arts, humans, and kingdoms are in harmony. However, a treason for power has caused the Kingdom of the Blue Dragon to betray the other kingdoms. The mikado, Ao Shin Hamura, has been slain and his second-in-command has taken the throne. The prince, Liu Sheng Hamura, has fled, knowing the truth of it all. The king’s corrupt disciple, Kamaru, searches for the power of the gods.

He has the power of a Kikoyu Jewel, which gives him access to forbidden magic. It can absorb the evil from a slain opponent to give the user more power, in exchange for his humanity. Kamaru seeks even more power by pulling the Shenglong Dragon Sword from the Temple of the Enlightened, so, he can gain otherworldly powers.

Meanwhile, a martial artist named Genjiro Maniwa, who practices a special martial art derived from Hakkyouken, Kung Fu, and Karate, called the All-Knowing Fist. It believes that through discipline, all styles can be learned and that through learning one style, a person learns a style more quickly. Genjiro is a powerful warrior and is pure of heart, knowing only love towards others, especially to women. He just completed his training by defeating his master in a final round. Therefore, he is about to leave to craft his own life. However, before he leaves, his master has a story to tell.

Genjiro’s master, Jun Park Lee, was a servant of the Blue Dragon Kingdom, knowing of every secret the kindgom hid. After overhearing a plot between General Usui and Kamaru, who plotted to kill the king and seize power, Jun accused them of treason. However, the king threw Jun out for gross incompetence. Jun found Genjiro, who lived in a village overtaken by Senkoku, a shogun leader that wanted rule over all the villages, so, he could build an army to fight the bigger kingdoms. Jun fought a group of samurai that killed the father of Genjiro and mutilated his body, and saw Genjiro, who was afraid and confused.

Jun saw the aura of a true warrior. That’s why Jun taught Genjiro- to kill Usui and Kamaru, so the plot wouldn’t unfold. It happened, however, and so, Genjiro must become the next warrior that Jun sees in him. And so, the saga begins to defeat Kamaru. Genjiro gains a few allies, along the way, but will they be enough to defeat the evil Kamaru?

-A Dead or Alive 4-style fighting engine with multi-tiered arenas
-Create a character mode
-The Warrior Way Mode explains intertwining stories and has action and fighting game fights mixed together, along with amazing storytelling elements
-Special PAR sequences in Warrior Way Mode determine how the story ends
-Good English voice acting
-Incredible visuals and graphics
-Multi-tiered arenas with interactive stage weapons

Genjiro Maniwa- The 19-year-old hero of the story, he is a master of All Knowing Fist and is out to destroy Senkoku, the man that killed his father and imprisoned his mother. He is also out fo kill Kamaru, the new, evil king of the Blue Dragon Kingdom. Genjiro, however, learns that Senkoku was employed by Kamaru to defeat his enemies.

Prince Liu Sheng Hamura- Liu Sheng is a 15-year-old prince of the Blue Dragon Kingdom, who is in exile, because he saw his father slain by Kamaru. He now seeks to gain his kingdom, seeing Genjiro as a master of fighting. When Liu was attacked by Senkoku, Genjiro saved Liu from the warrior and eventually escaped. Now, Liu hopes to become a great fighter, knowing some All-Knowing Fist from Genjiro Maniwa, his new master, and Blue Dragon Fist from his father.

Buddah- Buddah is a 16-year-old martial artist that is known as ‘the Enlightened One’, a monk warrior that appears once a generation. After each generation one dies, he reincarnates. Buddah is that being and is considered the ultimate warrior, in the eyes of his fellow monks, the Order of Illuminus. Buddah considers Genjiro a great friend and Buddah simply wants to play and have fun.

Sengoku- Sengoku is a powerful god in human form, having the ability to levitate on clouds, use an iron fighting staff that extends to ninety feet long, has great ki power, and can transform into a giant ape. Sengoku was sent to maintain the harmony between the gods, the magical creatures, and humans, long after the Deity Wars. Sengoku has to protect Buddah, because Buddah’s power is dangerously strong.

Aya- Aya is an 18-year-old female samurai that has martial arts skills that are just a few notches below Genjiro’s. Aya was searching for a worthy master, after hers died in a battle with Akira Oshizu, a kuniochi in service to the Lu Sung Clan. While Aya was battling a group of General Usui’s samurai, she wowed Genjiro with amazing skills, however, she saw Genjiro battling Usagi Miyoto, a samurai that serves Usui with great dignity. Aya was amazed, when he defeated the evil warrior. Aya thought of Genjiro as a ‘cute guy’ and asked if she could follow him on his quest, along with Liu. Aya and Genjiro are in love, and it grows each day.

Shenglong- Shenglong is a powerful dragon warrior that leads the Sky Kingdom of the Dragon Summit. He has ruled it for a millenium with his power and is indeed a powerful being. He senses a great power in Genjiro and sees his determination to defeat all evil. He also knows how to open a portal in the heavens.

Usui- A general in Kamaru’s army, he seeks power over all he can find, having a powerful discipline of fighting that can defeat any warrior he sees. He is a practitioner of the Rubber Skin Style, a fighting style that stresses defense by using the skin to make attacks slide away. However, he cannot stop ki attacks.

Jay Long- Jay Long is a Bruce Lee homage character and is one of Genjiro’s allies, through the course of the story. He is skilled in the Fist of the Little Dragon, a powerful martial art that has much to do with perfect, growing balance in martial arts attributes. Jay is very honorable to his friends and would die for them. Jay is one of Buddah’s best friends and is assigned to protect him from any other warriors that want his power. Jay and Buddah make a powerful team together and can break the strongest army.

Musashi- Musashi is a mysterious samurai warrior that uses samurai style for fighting. He sees great potential in Genjiro and sees that he needs a mentor to teach him more, so, Musashi teaches Genjiro and Aya together. In this time, Genjiro becomes very powerful, along with Aya, though, Genjiro can defeat Aya very easily.

Zheng Lee- Zheng is an emperor of his kingdom and is believed to be a divine warrior by most, having unrivaled sword and fighting prowess. He is hoping to find the great Dragon Summit and ask for the dragons to aid him, for he knows that Kamaru is hoping to destroy the world… Zheng and Buddah are both compatible together and make great allies, being able to defeat all warriors.

Kamaru- The evil king of the Blue Dragon Kingdom, he holds swordsmanship and martial arts almost unrivalled, except by Genjiro, Buddah, Musashi, and Shenglong. He, however, doesn’t know when to quit. He wants to conquer the world and hopes to do that by disrupting the balance of spirit and human worlds. To do this, he needs to travel to the Shrine of the Enlightened, where Buddah draws power from. Without it, he would surely fall into eternal sleep. Kamaru also seeks to find the Kusanagi Sword, which belonged to Susanowo of the Storm and was crafted by Ray Denver(Homage to Rayden), the Dragon of the Thunder. With this sword, he could topple nations.

Ray Denver- The Thunder Spirit, he crafted the Kusanagi for Susanowo, the Spirit of Storm. He is an homage to Raiden without using the same name. He controls thunder and uses powerful attacks. He appears to be very laid back, but isn’t, when fighting.

Susanowo- The perverted Spirit of Storm, he has a penchant for chasing hot girls around, except Aya, who he knows is taken. Susanowo and Buddah are best friends, but Susanowo is less shy, when it comes to girls. He holds the Kusanagi and knows its power. He refuses to give it to anyone. However, he knows he must pass it on to Genjiro for the good of others.

Senkoku- The shogun general of Kamaru’s army, he is a powerful warrior who hides his true face beneath the decapitated head of a wolf, which gives him incredible powers; Musashi has faced Senkoku before, as the battle resulted in a draw.

Jun Lee Park- The master of Genjiro Maniwa, he is the last of his generation of All-Knowing Fist practitioners. He has incredible skills, but is dying of old age. He seeks to find the Shrine of the Enlightened, that he may sleep within it and gain his youth and health back.

I caught the Avatar marathon over Thanksgiving (sorry for the late response), and it was actually fucking clean, and as soon as it was all over, I was like, “dag, they need to make a fighter out of this!” As far as licensed video games go, licensed fighters probably have the strongest chance of not sucking complete ass and actually being pretty good, if the Marvel/Naruto/doujin fighters are any indication. Shit, if not Avatar: The Fighter, give me Nicktoons Fighting Jam with Roger Klotz/Rocko/Ikis and the Avatar characters as unlockables.

Personally I’d like for the graphics to be cel-shaded, a la GNT or Budokai. Tag-teaming would be cool, not quite as sure about multi-tiered arenas. They might want to save Aang’s progression until later in the series (if based on the first season, beating story mode might net you unlocked Waterbender Aang, but he doesn’t have access to anything else save for a little bit of Firebending).

For a new fighter this isn’t that small a character roster. In fact it looks like just enough IMO. If for some reason at all they wanted to beef up the characters they could always go with Waterbending Aang, Blue Spirit Zuko, and other alt. versions of the characters we have already (just like the Naruto games. Awakened Katara for the win!).

If you look to see that I have edited the Avatar game, you’ll see those things, like older versions of the four main characters. Older Aang is my idea of what Aang would be, when he’s an adult. Master Paku and Tyro have also been added. You see, I want to see depth in anime-based games and not just the typical recycled animations in cel-shaded models(Though, I like it on DBZ’s Budokai series.)

Imagine what Goku would look like, if he were FF7 Advent Children style. Wouldn’t that rock?

An Evangelion 2D fighter with the Evas and Angels. No background or any real connection with the story, just wacky fighting antics. Prog knives, positron guns, Lances, laser whips, cross blasts, and teeth everywhere.

Cast would be fairly limited, unfortunately, since many of the Angels just don’t transfer well into a fighting game format (Iruel, Matariel)… but others are just begging to (Sachiel, Zeruel).

Tekken 6
Story- A battle raged at the end of the fifth tournament, as Jin Kazama absorbed Jinpachi’s power as Devil Jin and he defeated Kazuya in a great battle, but snapped back, thanks to Wang Jinrei and Raven. Raven disappeared and took Kazuya and Jinpachi with him. Feng Wei took the Dragon Scrolls and disappeared from the scene. Eventually, Jin met up with Ling Xiaoyu, Asuka Kazama, and Hwaorang. Now, the battle begins again, as Heihachi has ‘returned from the dead’ and taken Mishima Corporations for himself, hoping to draw out Jin with the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6.
Why has Raven taken Kazuya and Jinpachi captive? Will Jin overcome his evil? And will Heihachi be defeated?

-A new graphics engine and more fluid offensive and defensive fighting
-Multi-tiered, interactive arenas
-All the characters from Tekken 5, Tekken 5: Dark Ressurection, some characters from Urban Reign, and new characters
-Intertwining story lines and English/Japanese voice options
-More customizable character options(Imagine Asuka Kazama, Nina Williams, Julia Chang, and all the other Tekken girls in bikinis, Feng Wei dressed like Goku) that you can buy in Shop Mode
-Shop Mode allows you to buy thousands of customization options, fighter upgrades, and bonus content

New Characters-
Brad Hawk- Brad and Shun Ying discontinued bussiness in Green Harbor, after defeating all the criminals in the city, like the Mushin-Kai. However, he still loves fighting, so, he joins the tournament to fight powerful opponents. Soon, he discovers corruption in the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Shun Ying- Shun Ying, Brad’s boss from Urban Reign, eventually learned of a new fighting discipline that was kept secret for a long time. It resided in the Dragon Scrolls, which Feng Wei had. Feng Wei was destroying warriors across the world as ‘the Raging Dragon of China.’ Shun Ying didn’t care, until, Feng Wei destroyed Kadonashi’s dojo and crippled his disciples. Now, Shun Ying has to defeat Feng Wei, as a favor to a former ally.

Ayame Masawi- Ayame is a 16-year-old female fighter that uses Masawi Style Karate, which is kinda like Chun Li’s fighting style from Street Fighter. She likes Jin and sees him as a tormented soul that needs to be opened up a bit more, so, she likes to woo him.

Reiko ‘Mishima’ Unagi- Reiko is a clone created by Raven’s organization and has the Devil Gene in her blood. Incidentally, Reiko is a clone of Kazuya and one more thing- she’s SEXY! She is in control of the Devil Gene, but has a kind, cute personality.

Ultra Devil Jin- Ever since Devil Jin absorbed Jinpachi’s power, he became even more powerful, becoming the true strong fighter in the new tournament. He’s the final boss for every story mode, but unlike Jinpachi, he’s unlockable. He only seems to respond to Ling Xiaoyu and Ayame.

Title :
-Marvel vs. Capcom 3 : Age of Legends

Character selection :
-The largest selection. Over 100 fighters are capable of being selected.

Gameplay :
=There are 3 styles of gameplay.

  1. MC2 : Playstyle of Marvel vs. Capcom 2
  2. MC = Playstyle of Marvel vs. Capcom 2
  3. M = Playstyle of one-on-one match elimination (Similar to KoF 99’)

Modes :
-Boss Rush (Play against every boss from a Marvel vs game)
In order : Magneto, Dr. Doom, Thanos (With IG), Apocalypse, Cyber Akuma,
Onslaught : Form 1, Onslaught : Form 2, Abyss : Form 1, Abyss : Form 2,
Abyss : Form 3.

-Survival Mode
-Time Attack
-Time Attack (Boss Rush)
-Sound Test
-Bank (Buy characters, portraits, & stages)

New features :
-Brand new sprites for EVERY character.
-New moves
-Special entrances between certain characters
-More entrances, victory taunts for characters
-More stages (for versus mode)
-More metal-themed music to suit the action

Marvel Cast


  1. Spider-Man
  2. Hulk
  3. Venom
  4. Cyclops
  5. Wolverine
  6. Magneto
  7. Omega Red
  8. Thanos
  9. Blackheart
  10. Shuma Gorath
  11. Storm
  12. Rogue
  13. Silver Samurai
  14. Sentinel
  15. Spiral
  16. Dr. Doom
  17. Iron Man
  18. War Machine (Completely changed & redesigned to match his comic char.)
  19. Captain America
  20. Colossus
  21. Psylocke
  22. Gambit
  23. Sabertooth
  24. Cable
  25. Marrow
  26. Ice Man
  27. Juggernaut


  1. Dracula
  2. The Void
  3. Loki
  4. Dormammu
  5. Zarathos
  6. Mantis
  7. Captain Marvel
  8. Sentry
  9. Punisher
  10. Pheonix
  11. Beta Ray Bill
  12. Daimon Hellstorm
  13. Human Torch
  14. Silver Surfer
  15. Thor
  16. Tyrant
  17. Ultron
  18. Iron Fist
  19. Daredevil
  20. Moon Knight
  21. Death’s Head II
  22. Dr. Strange
  23. Ghost Rider


  1. Mephisto (completely changed & redesigned)
  2. Carnage (completely changed & redesigned, replaces Red Venom)
  3. Gray Hulk (completely changed & redesigned, replaces Red Hulk)
  4. Onslaught (After winning Boss Rush mode)

Capcom Cast


  1. Ruby Heart
  2. Sonson
  3. Amingo
  4. Dhalsim
  5. Felicia
  6. Anakaris
  7. B.B.Hood
  8. Morrigan
  9. Strider
  10. Captain Commando
  11. M.Bison
  12. Zangief
  13. Sakura
  14. Cammy
  15. Jin
  16. Guile
  17. Charlie
  18. Servbot
  19. Tron Bonne
  20. Roll
  21. Mega Man
  22. Ken
  23. Chun Li
  24. Akuma
  25. Ryu
  26. Jill Valentine
  27. Hayato
  28. Dan


  1. Hydron
  2. Twelve
  3. Hsien-Ko
  4. Pyron
  5. Huitzil
  6. Ingrid
  7. Kenji
  8. Hyo
  9. Altered Beast
  10. Mega Man X
  11. Zero
  12. Jedah
  13. Demitri
  14. Arthur
  15. Ryu (Breath of Fire)
  16. Viewtiful Joe
  17. Nemesis
  18. Pyramid Head
  19. Samanosuke
  20. Vergil
  21. Dante
  22. Seig Warheit


  1. Cyber Akuma
  2. Norimoto
  3. Gill
  4. Dr. Wily

Perfect thread for me. Here’s mine.

Dan Hibiki Presents: CFE2
Storyline: Whereas the last tournament was hosted by Pyron, and was maintained as a “private underground tournament”…this one is hosted by no other than the legendary Dan Hibiki in a nationally televised event. Dan was watching the last tournament and saw potential in fighters who he had never seen before. However, he wasn’t too happy with the lack of other fighters who had that same potential. Last year wasn’t ‘Fighting Evolution’. Dan will show you what ‘Fighting Evolution’ is. With expanded teams from Street Fighter 2, 3, and Alpha, DarkStalkers, and Red Earth; and also featuring newcomer teams Street Fighter EX and Rival Schools teams, it’s time for some fighting greatness!

Street Fighter 2:
Ryu, Ken, Guile, Zangief, Balrog, Vega, Cammy, Fei-Long
Street Fighter Alpha:
Cody, Guy, Rose, Karin, Sakura, Adon, Sodom, Rolento
Street Fighter 3:
Yun, Yang, Akuma, Urien, Chun-Li, Alex, Dudley, Remy
Red Earth:
Leo, Hauzer, Hydron, Kenji, Tessa, Mai-Ling, Blade, Valdoll
Rival Schools:
Hayato, Batsu, Daigo, Edge, Gan, Akira, Shoma, Raizo
Hsien-Ko, Morrigan, Lilith, Demitri, Jedah, Anakaris, Felicia, J. Talbain
Street Fighter EX:
Area, Doctrine, V. Rosso, C. Jack, Kairi, Shadow Geist, Pullum, Sharon
Unlockable MidBosses:
Roberto, Boman, Sagat, M. Bison, Q (you face these guys in order)
Already available midboss: Ingrid
Already available Boss: Dan, the final boss of the game

Unlock new characters:
Victor von Gerdenheim - beat the game once. Hold R1 over Anakaris.
Garuda - beat the game twice. Hold R1 over Shadow Geist.
Cyber Dan - beat the game thrice. Hold R1 over Dan.
Sean - beat the game 4 times. Hold R1 over Ken.
Megaman - beat the game 5 times. Hold R1 over Ingrid.
Ibuki - beat the game 6 times. Hold R1 over Karin.
Hyo - beat the game 7 times. Hold R1 over Raizo.
E. Honda - beat the game 8 times. Hold R1 over Gan.
Donovan Baine - beat the game 9 times. Hold R1 over Morrigan.
BB Hood - beat the game 10 times. Hold R1 over Lilith.
Roberto - beat the game 11 times.
Boman - beat the game 12 times.
Sagat - beat the game 13 times.
M. Bison - beat the game 14 times
Q - beat the game 15 times.
Natsu - buy from the shop.
Kyosuke - buy from the shop.
Kyoko & Hideo - buy from the shop.
Cyclone Beta - buy from the shop.
Oro - Buy from the shop.
Makoto - Buy from the shop.
Hugo - Buy from the shop.
Viewtiful Joe - Buy from the shop.
Cyclone Gamma - beat 20 people in survival mode.
DeeJay - beat 30 people in survival mode.
Blanka - beat 40 people in survival mode.
Dhalsim - beat 50 people in survival mode.
Amingo - beat 60 people in survival mode.

Arcade - the main mode of the game. You face 15 fighters, each getting stronger and stronger, and then you face Dan. Matches are 2-on-2 Rival Schools style.
Versus - ass kicking, 2-player style.
Survival - Kick as much ass as you can before you finally lose.
3-on-3 - KOF style 3-on-3 with assists a la MvC. Similar to Arcade.
Customization - Customize characters with different moves and commands to match past versions or whatever. Buy new moves from the shop.
Practice - test out your skillz.
Options - set options like difficulty, sound test, etc. here.
Shop - Buy new characters, moves, stages, music, and costumes

New features:
New, better stages.
A shop feature which will allow you to buy stuff.
A grading feature a la SF3.
3D graphics. Don’t worry, this’ll be more like Rival Schools than Maximum Impact.
A deeper storyline.
Multi-tiered stages a la DOA.
Smart, adaptive AI, and the ability to program your own like in VF4.

The Final Battle
Story- In a fighting game where you control the story with your actions, decisions, and dialogue, you use several characters that each have special abilities, mainly playing as Jeong Ying, who is secretly the main character, however, while he is looking for an old friend that left his dojo to pursue someone from the past, other stories take effect and you can unlock several characters.

Jeong Ying, a martial artist from China, lives in Shanghai under the tuetelage of Master Shang Zhao, a fighter that has seen many battles. Zhao defeated several fighters in his day and Jeong seeks to be like him. When an apprentice that is also Jeong’s best friend, Sam Yee, disappears, the main character finds a note saying, ‘I have gone to pursue the one who ushers in death and destruction, known as the Paragon of Death. You have yet to defeat him. Signed, Sam.’

Jeong goes off with one of his pals, Aki, who is a lovely fighter around the same rank he is- Apprentice. Jeong is eventually taunted by a strange enemy who keeps pursuing him and Aki, using his followers to fight the young man. When Jeong meets up with a strange ninja warrior, the man leaves a clue saying, ‘Beware the beast that lives within and without.’ What is Jeong’s destiny? What powers does he have that will help him defeat the enemy? And who is the Paragon of Terror?

Meanwhile, Reiko Kibigama of Japan, a police officer that uses Ten Style Karate, is called to investigate a drug ring linked to a man named Paragon and the Agents of Terror. Alongside her partner, Yami Okaburo, she travels to New York and meets up with Interpol agent Baxter Tyson and police chief Anna Johnson. What happens, when her path crosses with Jeong Ying’s?


  • Multi-tiered arenas and Physical Action Reaction sequences, during battles, allowing for movie-like battles
  • Realistic fighting engine, a’la Dead or Alive and Virtua Fighter, along with movie-like drama
  • Realistic graphics, a’la PS3 FF7 tech demo
  • Huge cast of characters to play as
  • Hidden arena weapons
  • Dialogue by well-rounded cast of actors(David Kaufman, Tom Kenny, Zach Tyler Eisen, Mae Whitman, Kevin Michael Richardson, David Carradine, etc.)
  • Soundtrack by Rod Stewart, the Temptations, the Clash, V8, etc. and some original scores by famous singers
  • Several powerful special moves per character
  • Change the story and ending with dialogue selection, PAR, and your actions

Jeong Ying- His best friend missing, Jeong is under duty to look for him and bring him back. However, Jeong seems to have a great power hidden within, which is the Eye of the Dragon, a bloodline locked away for centuries, however, the mystery has been lost in time. He loves playing video games and watching wuxia movies.

Aki- Jeong’s girlfriend and fellow Apprentice at Dragon Kung Fu, she is fearing the disappearance of Sam Yee. When a terrible tragedy rips Jeong from Aki, he never sees her alive again.

Sam Yee- A martial artist with the Eye of the Dragon, he has progressed to Apprentice level faster than Jeong, but they are still friends. His note, shrouded in mystery, links him to a terrorist organization and a man name Paragon.

Reiko Kibigama- A Ten Style Karate master, Reiko has strength beyond comparison. However, she doesn’t really know mercy and when she’s on a case, she won’t end her mission, not allowing herself to sleep. She eventually sees a kindred spirit in Jeong(He and she are both 18).

Baxter Tyson- A 34-year-old cop from New York who is very gruff and holds a hatred for crooks. Having lost his mother at ten years, he cannot take a normal life, knowing his father killed her and married her for rights to Tyson Banking. Baxter let his little sister, Uma, take over the bussiness.

Anna Johnson- The partner of Baxter, she is 25 and finds a great respect for his position. She lost her old boyfriend during a bank robbery and hates to see killing- innocent blood, more specifically. She is a sexy woman and often tries to charm Baxter. She likes playing tennis and practicing CQC.

Yami Okaburo- A 26-year-old martial artist with similar skills as Reiko, however, he is alot more relaxed and has a social life- a girlfriend, a job as a karate master, and is often called to be a movie actor. He is very cocky in his position, but when he meets an old partner, Devilin Musashi, he begins to become serious. He has the blood of a samurai family in him and his hobbies, like his partner, are playing videogames and watching Japanese anime, specifically Naruto and Dragonball Z.

Devilin Musashi- A former partner of Yami, he was defeated by a strange, Chinese master of kung fu named Fong Jin, being brought to Paragon for lab testing. He eventually became a cyborg killer. Musashi is called Devilin, because he is a gentleman and that name sounds suitable for a man like him.

Fong Jin- A martial arts master that knows five styles of kung fu, having defeated many opponents in his day. However, he vanished, after being defeated by Jeong’s master, Shang Zhao. Now, at the side of Paragon, he sees power within the body of Jeong.

Shang Zhao- An old man who is Jeong’s master and head of the Dragon Eye Temple of Shanghai, he has incredible skills. However, he is old and 'cannot die without one last fight with the greatest warrior he has ever fought- Fong Jin.

Jerry- The leader of the Devil’s Number Gang, a group of bikers that exerts hatred over New York. He is asked to join Paragon and does, but has a rival- Tiger Bryant, a pro wrestler from Chicago. He also fights Baxter Tyson and is his enemy.

Tiger Bryant- A professional wrestler from Chicago, Tiger has incredible skills and can defeat any wrestler. However, he is focused on spreading a good message to children and dislikes evil.

Hao Lan- Shinobi of Fire, he is asked to protect Jeong Ying from any sort of threat. He and his lover, Aya Natsuya, are both trying to stop Paragon from preventing Jeong’s rising. Hao Lan can destroy a whole army of fighters in merely a few hours, a few minutes, if he uses his special ability to slow down time.

Aya Natsuya- A lovely Shinobi of Lightning, she is in love with Hao Lan and will follow him to the ends of the Earth. She is very innocent and pretty and is modeled after Kasumi and Mai Shiranui. She has a special attack that lets her move at incredibly fast speeds, as if she were Neo from the Matrix. Hao Lan has the same ability, only, he is more powerful.

Dragon Jeong Ying- The ultimate form of Jeong Ying, who has the powers to defeat the evil Paragon. It is triggered often by his own free will, but it becomes more powerful, being fueled by harsh emotion. He controls a powerful amount of ki and can destroy a whole army even faster than Hao Lan. He is even more powerful. One of his strongest attacks is the Bone Crusher, an attack where he uses a shockwave to break every bone in the body of an attacker and he performs a powerful uppercut attack, ripping the bones out of the enemy.

Alpha Niner- A robot follower of Paragon, he copies all forms of martial arts he can, save Jeong Ying’s style. He has a mysterious past, which is uncommon for a robot, and was created with emotions. He has a pure hatred for soap operas, hoping that Paragon will get rid of them, when he conquers the world.

Para-Omega- Para-Omega is a more advanced version of Alpha Niner and has the ability to withstand massive amounts of damage. He not only adapts to fighting styles and learns them, but he upgrades them to be more dangerous by using weapons at the same time. However, he can’t copy Jeong Ying’s fighting style for some reason. He has no emotions, unlike Alpha Niner, and is impervious to nearly every form of human weaponry.

Paragon- Leader of the Agents of Terror, he has a strange power from behind the scenes. The great strength he has embedded in his body is unfathomable and is as powerful as Fong Jin. He has no interest, but chaos and death.

Dead or Alive 5
Story: Donovan, having been slain by Ryu Hayabusa, is no longer a threat to the DOATEC corporation, or, the Mugen Tenshin Clan. Kasumi is allowed back into her clan again by Hayate, who has decided to stay with Hitomi in Germany. Having accepted this, Kasumi decides to head to the Mugen Tenshin temple. Meanwhile, a strange ninja has appeared on the scene, holding fragments of the Dark Dragon Sword. If that weapon is completely combined, he could become the most powerful ninja ever. Also, it seems that Donovan made two last clones- perfect ones. Helena is now hoping to hold the Dead or Alive Tournament 5 as a sport event. New fighters are joining, and new battles are beginning.

More to come, soon…