Create a match.

Is the rank matches and Create a match broken in SSF AE?

Everytime create a match, i do this because i never lag etc, But i get people that have PP/BP over 1000 and i get slaughter because i’am lucky if i have 100 of both seeing that i just started a week ago.

Thats just how the rank create a match works. Losing is a part of learning.

Ranked can never be trusted first of all even if u select parameters on the skill level u want to join u sometimes it will still pair u up with whoever. Secondly BP/PP can never be used 2 gauge someones skill level. I have about 100PP myself and I have been playing this game for ages I just dont like ranked

The parameters you choose for a match is just your general preference, it’s not always what you’re going to get.

Welcome to online console gaming, shit sucks.

don’t listen to these people PP and BP can determine skill pretty well.

of course theres people who just don’t play ranked, but the majority of people do and if you come across a kid with 100 pp and 1000 bp hes prob garbage.

When you create, you can only choose the region from which the player comes from. Past that, you can’t control anything. Try to join games with “Same Region” and “Same Skill” preference, that will help minimize the risk of playing high point players.