Create an avatar for me

Can somebody make me an avatar?

Pick one of the following:

Ryoko: From Tenchi Universe


Dr. House: House M.D. hook it up

Premium prefered.
Can be, but doesnt have to be, animated. Not real important. Just if it IS going to be animated, dont animate the text or anything like that. at all.

Not to be mean, or turn off taggers, but if it’s shitty i won’t wear it. Usually everyone knows that’s something that goes unsaid anyway, but i’m just making it known up front so nobody is disappointed if i dont rock it. I’m easy to please when it comes to lil avatars, so this is no big deal.

'preciate ya

No one?


I’ll try it if you can wait awhile and someone finds stock

Ok cool.
I will try and post up some stock, next time i log on.

I’m working on it ;p.

Found these:

In order by priority.



  3. ]

Any one of those is cool though.

Thanks guys.

And Chibi, if you’ve got a better stock than the #1 pic, then go for it.

Couldn’t find any decent ones for House, so i guess that’s no go.

Any progress?

i had some pics on my comp which i started working on JPG GIF

i hade a png but the usb troll ate it, anyway if you want i´ll try the stock you suggested.

hmm havent done anything in awhile ill try aswell :wgrin:

NIIICE that’s lookin dope so far TRT.
I look forward to the finished product.

Shizuma, go for it, thanks!

Haha i might end up having to cycle these around when they’re done.

EDIT: Yeah, TRT can you try the stock too?
Right now though imma use the one already posted.

well here it is…didnt know what else to put on it…:sweat:

Shizuma, it’s damn cool and everything, but what’s stoppin it from being dope is the foreground pic. I don’t like it, and i dont like it there at all. The one in the background is great. One last thing, ís there some words in there? it says “bebin” upsidedown, what’s the deal with that?

TRT, oh snap man. Earlier i was sort of in a rush and i read your post wrong thinking that the av was actually a WIP. I’m feelin it though. Can’t wait for the one with the stock too thx.

Well i thought i would add name and more definition but it ended up hurting it, ill upload the one with the stock you suggested later this week.

ok np ill fix it up if ya want on the words it was a brush i couldve sworn i took that off…oh well:sweat: wit the foreground pic ill replace it wit one of the other pics you posted or anything else you want…ill get to it as soon as i can.

TRT: I prefer my avs without names.
k cool, can’t wait to see the next one!

Shizuma: Nah, just remove the pic. Don’t replace it. What i meant is that having that foreground pic upstaged the background pic. And the background pic by itself was tight.

oh ok sure np:bgrin:


shit yeah that’s hot. You got av skillz.

Thanks man, now i will switch out and sport yours for the time being, and alternate and all that.

Thanks alot guys.

haha np anytime :wgrin:

couldnt make anything with the stock you suggested, sorry.