Creating a Custom Template

Hi there. Earlier today I began a new wooden arcade stick with happ controls. The top panel is 35 cm by 25 cm w x h mdf. I have this thing almost completely built, problem being: I can’t freehand where each button hole is going to go, due to lack of practice and knowledge of doing this. I’m also pretty bad at photoshop. All i need is for someone to help me in making a photoshop template with the straight across 8 button happ layout with 28mm holes, and a proportioned joystick spacing with the correct hole size. I don’t even know enough to know what size the joystick hole needs to be. It needs to be on a 35cm by 25cm psd, or 300dpi jpeg. If someone could assist me; Thanks! I just need this to know where to cut everything out.

In case anyone was wondering: heres what the stick looks like so far. (unfinished obv)

slagcoin layouts

Joystick Controller - Panel Layout

I’ve read that before, but still I’m not very confident with just the knowledge that i won’t screw it up. Can someone actually help me with the photoshop part.

Ok, I didnt take the time to make one myself, but i pasted the 300ppi jpeg of the layout i want onto a psd and made the background 35 by 25. Is this proportional AT ALL? i seriously have no idea. All I’m doing is drilling holes but still.

if you used 300dpi for your PSD and used the 300dpi for the picture then yes it is proportionate

sounds good to me kthnx