Creating a FG using Adobe Flash?

A question that I’ve been thinking about for a while, and wanted to get confirmation/answers

I’ve seen many Flash games for a decade, alot of them were “complicated” and had content was at a level of a decent video game. I’ve also saw some Flash games with a netplay feature, and I also remember the [media=youtube]tTQF2YsMS-M"[/media] Flash game series back in 2003-4

So, I see that there are “advanced” flash games out there, and I was wondering if it’s actually possible to create a fully functional Flash Fighting Game? I can see some things that can help such as movie clips for moves, etc. but is it actually possible to create a FG with advances systems and mechanics on this platform?

Additional questions

  • Does the Flash program counts as a sort of an engine or do you still need to build one and then base your game on it?
  • Can it only run on the PC or on PS3/360/Arcade [Taito X-2] using a Flash emulator of some sort?
  • Can you publish this game and sell it, or do you have to pay for a license from Adobe to being able to actually sell your game?

Thanks in advance!

i friend of mine did this sort of thing… well… started to.

it was somewhat smash brothers-ish, and only had 2 characters, and i think 2 moves (1 for each maybe?) its certainly possible, no idea what hurdles it entails.

Thanks for the answer. Is he going to go further in his game?

Also, Any more opinions on the matter?

If you want to use flash because you can host it online, use Unity instead.
If you want to use flash because it makes things easy (for the PC side of things, anyways): use SDL or XNA. SDL gets my personal vote for being easy and cross-platform.

actionscript is the language that flash uses. you’d have to build the engine yourself using that language. i’ve never tried browsing the web on the 360 or ps3, but you can play flash games on the wii using its built-in web browser (wii controller makes playing some flash games actually more fun). since wii can do it, i’d assume that the ps3/360 could–though mapping the inputs might be a problem

IMO, unless you really want to have it run on a browser, you’re better off using 2D Fighter Maker or even M.U.G.E.N.