Creating a HitBox style stick



ive been researching how to create a HitBox style stick for a few days now.

Ive narrowed it down to to two ways :

Mod a TE stick into a fightstick
Create one with a PS360+ and a tek-innovations case

What i would like help on is :

what would i need for modding the TE fightstick (besides the replacement plexi and buttons etc)?
would there be any soldering required with modding a TE stick?
which way would you recommend and why?



Would it not be easier to mod something set up for a seimitsu stick, since it already will have individual terminals from the stick switches, that could transfer onto the buttons?

No crimping or soldering required that way.


not sure, but i know its easy to find replacement plexis for TE sticks and im trying to do this without having to cut or solder anything myself.


then go the route of the tek case because with any pre made stick you are most likely need to wire of the directional buttons unless you come across a state that is already using switches not a PCB between them


You could use a .187" to 5 pin conversion harness for the directions. .187" disconnects seem to stay on .110" connectors just fine, as long as the wires aren’t being pulled around.


I just had to choose which method for making a method, but I ended up with a Tek-Innovations case. For the price and the options you get when he makes it makes it a great deal. Plus it won’t look like anyone else’s. That’s how I decided to choose mine. (also ps360+)


Jasenscustoms sells hitbox layouts on their panzer and panzer wide body stick cases. I love my PWB. Or buy an actual hitbox? You can get a solderless board and do this yourself. The Zero Delay couldn’t be easier to wire up.


i made one before. it was easier to build compared to the stick based errr sticks… i would recommend for you to just build one from scratch rather than sacrificing a whole stick. you just need a few buttons an old (or any that is) case/box the only thing that’ll be hard (in my case anyway) would be the metal panels. here’s my stick i made a few years ago:


Also before buying my case I made one out of a wooden book box from home depot there were on sale for $20 and I used cardboard and foam from the box of my keyboard. I think it turned out well.
(excuse the mess it was taken right after I finished it so everything was still on the floor.)


The reason I was thinking about using an existing stick was for case quality and I wouldn’t use the actual stick anyway.

Thanks everyone for the help and pictures. Im going to give this a go when the ps360+ is in stock


Those panzer cases actually look really good. May get one of those.


tekbox op + ez to get doge buttons


Not enough buttonz


That actually looks quite nice not enough buttons though


i had him drop the dick buttons. it comes with 8 normally.


I was thinking of my next hitbox…making a six button layout like that…clean…


Here is my personal rig…My Knightfall Hitbox…all 30mm buttons…



I do like six button layouts but I don’t want to end up regretting it when some game requires 8 buttons.


Hey where did you get those boxes/cases ? Right know i am checking where i can let cut medium-density fibreboard pieces, but then is the problem how i can put them good together without ruining it :S


you don’t want to frame out of MDF. You want to use an actual hard wood to frame, the top and bottom can be MDF, but I would put plexi over both.