Creating a Non-Big 4 MvC2 tournament league, gathering opinions

Yeah I know what you mean about it being controversial. Yeah I understand Vegita-x, zaza, are good, that doesn’t stop anyone from doing what they do in regular MvC2. I think basically people in general think it is a good idea from what I gather. I think like me people would like to see new things develop. I guess a good analogy is like sports its kind of like a major/minor league or boxing having its classes. Ques, do you know how the boxing league works? I don’t know that much that’s why I’m asking. Do lightweights ever fight heavyweights in boxing? I guess it’s something like that I’m trying to get at.

I doubt anybody could fault you for wanting to see something different in Marvel, I mean, who can hate on that? Everybody’s down for that. The loudest Marvel cheers at FR8 were probably for Mizter Ed & his bigman play. So I personally can appreciate what you’re trying to do.

And low tier matches can have every bit as competitive a feel as Big 4. I wouldn’t blame anybody for not wanting to do a money match with it though, or not feeling comfortable doing tournies with it if they aren’t used to it. Takes a little more effort and less-than-common knowledge than many players want to bother with.

That’s why it’s called “low tier”, I guess. :tup: :wink:

I’m all for appreciating low tier (though I myself also play top tier) but when you do away with the reason they’re low tier (that being the characters that simply excel in much every area in comparison) they lose their value as being low / mid tier. People go crazy for matches with Strider / Doom, Zaza, Vegita-X, what have you because they stand out, the folks are a testament to what you can do if you put some more work into it. On paper double Wolverine isn’t even supposed to stand a chance against much any of the big four. On paper Rogue shouldn’t even be a threat, but that’s certainly been proven wrong, right?

Making an entire league of Zaza’s / Vegita-X’s lowers their stance in the community, because in essence they’d end up just like everyone else. There’d be no real obstacle to overcome, no hurdle to to jump over, because everyone would be walking the same path. Besides which, you’d end up with a mimic of the current stature of the MvC2 scene, being that it’s not what characters you pick (as now everyone plays the same handful) but whether or not you can use them better than your opponent.

Regardless of that, good luck to you and whatever happens as a result.

removing the top tiers, will create new top tiers during the tournament so players like dan wont get a chance :sad:

ahh awesome, i now consider myself upper mid-tier at mvc2 as I knew exactly what he was going to do with strider doom before i saw it :clap: too bad i can’t rom infinite for shit haha

well u could still include magneto because without certain assists he doesn’t really pose a problem if u think about it. maybe if u do have magneto on your team u can not have an antir-air assits on your team and that also include tron projectol assists. u can included strider/doom because take skills to do.

uhhhhh…Rogue/ken/tron will win i promise u. ken and tron has tricks together :bgrin:

I doubt you’ll be able to find any spiral/sabertooth combo’s in action due to their incapabilities against top tier. The top four can break it w/ relative ease. But basically, you run spiral on point and use sabertooth projectile assist. you call out swords to keep them trapped and then you when you get to the last sword you call out sabertooth and birdie shoots at you. The good thing about the assist is even if sabertooth gets touched she still shoots you. Now if someone jumps out remember spiral can teleport, you can use swords to spin around and knock the to the ground, call out assist and repeat.

Vegita-X - if you let mag then you’d have to ban capcom and psylocke, cyclops which defeats the purpose

no they can 't pick antir-air assists thats all. so psylocke and cyc r ok. :tup:

Yeah, probably should have read the whole post, and you are right, 1 on 1 mag isn’t anything special.

this game has so much bullshit left in the team structure of the middle tier, people will play it for a long long time.

Psylocke/tron has crazy fuckin resets and retarded easy instant hi/repeated lows, basically if psylocke can get you to block a tron assist just once, the shit gets set into the randomizer sequence.

I wanna make a pattern video of how stupid her uf fk is.

people just need more time to make up strong mid tier teams.

and to pick tron with all your mid tier :clap:

Actually, it’s not really the same as “2nd tier becomes top tier”, a whole new class of characters becomes viable with the removal of Cable, Storm, Sentinel. They all have abilities that shut down whole offenses. Magneto just has TOD combos.

Just think

  1. how many characters become 3x more viable in tourney/casual play w/o the threat of AHVBx3?
  2. how many character become viable w/o Storm Runaway (it would just change to sim runaway, maybe)
  3. all of the pixies could return if sent isn’t there to outlive and outstomp them.

If you’re talking big 4… then Commando-B has to go, too. He shows up just as often as the big 4.

Team Z ( Doom/Tron/Juggernaut) would probably dominate also.

Just ban all the Marvel characters (some dude said this once), and fights might actually become interesting. The only bad thing is that there will even be a big 4 for the Capcom characters (probably Mega Man, Tron, Strider, and CapCom, not too sure about this). Hey, at least noone will be complaining about Magneto or Sentinel. Anyways, with the Marvel characters gone, we might actually see low tiers being used (as most SF characters are low tier in MVC2, and they take up a lot of the Capcom side’s space)

LOL interesting thought I really don’t know…do you really think he wont be as bad? That’s a bad boy there lol. Well maybe something we should consider later, I don’t know. Well good to hear your response, and as far as Ken/tron well yeah, I have experimented with them they pretty nasty :badboy:

It’s funny that you think that Rogue shouldn’t be a threat on paper? I feel opposite, actually I always thought she tied w/Iron Man as the 5th best character. For example watch vegita-x matches. Also a player here in the ATL used her nastily with Doom (that is a crazy combination there!). Anyways, as I stated before, this doesn’t affect anything anyone does in the regular MvC2 scene, Vegita-x, Zaza etc. could still do what they wanted in that league, if they wanted to do this as well no prob. As far as the same handful of characters, I think that the handful of characters might be bigger in this league, if you catch my drift.

Don’t spiral, doom, and blackheart pretty much guarantee a win against everyone thats not big four or them? I say get rid of them as well, so seven characters are gone. I don’t think commando needs to be banned. I’d say ban tron/ironman before him. Strider won’t be too overpowered without doom, but I think he is still useable.

Wasn’t there a tournament not too long ago(within a year) that had cable/mag/storm/sent/bh/spiral/doom banned?

Um, you just repeated what I already said. I stated that originally noone quite took Rogue seriously but the likes of Vegita-X and a few other emerging players have changed the thoughts of many to feel otherwise.

You didn’t quite read what I wrote did you?


I think Doom/Bh/Cap would dominate everyone, or Spiral/bh/Doom. Those teams could pretty much destroy everyone pretty easily.

i would love to see something like this happen. Playing Big 4 teams all the time is fun, but the shit is starting to get stale. Perhaps this would acuatlly but some life back into the community… i mean really, are there still people out there watching match videos of the same four damn teams.

Yes it would create a new top tier but can anybody say for sure what that top tier would be and how many would be included in it? Mid-tier has been tested… against top-tier teams. What about mid-tier to mid-tier testing? I think it would be interesting to watch people try and find the ‘best’ team again. Plus it would make match videos a lot more fucking interesting to watch… Mag/psy, Storm/cyke, Sent/Capcom shit gets old.

I’ve already said this the best way to handle this is to ban:

Top 4

Second tier (spiral, clops, black heart, IM)

Tronne, Commando, Psylocke, Doom.

Now you have a original game that has not seen the light of day, is there a top tier?

Sure but you have to realize that closing the gap between Silver Samurai and Dhalsim is easier than bridging the gap between Silver Samurai and Magneto.

Or even better example closing the gap between Ryu and megaman that in it is to close the gap between Ryu and cable.

Yeah you lose what? 16 characters and gain?..40?

(oh and maybe ban warmachine but shrug)